Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Friday, May 18, 2012

Growing, Learning and Parenting..

I don't need a dozen books on how to raise my children. I don't need to spend countless hours in bed at night reading tips on how to discipline or love my child. Books are funny - some parents like a book that instructs you to be extremely strict, while other parents love a book that tells you to not put up boundaries and let your child do whatever. I find myself right in the middle. The only book I love and always read on how to raise my little ones is a powerful book that no one can say "I am not for it" or "I don't agree" - this amazing book is the BIBLE. It truly is the only book I read and daily go to as a parent. What other way do you want to raise your child than to love, honor and obey Him? What other way do you want your child to turn out to be than to walk in a path that completely honors Him? I pray countless times a day for my little Laylie that she would have a heart for God, be a light to others, and love being in His presence. The way Jason and I parent we know with all our hearts that we are raising Laylie right because it matches up so clearly with the main book that we read daily on how to be parents and raise our children. One of my most favorite time of days is teaching Laylie, and these moments take place right when she wakes up and right before she goes to bed.

As we eat breakfast together, we sit a few inches from each other. We read the Bible together, memorize verses, and then end it with our prayer journals. Hers is pink and mine is blue. We spend a few minutes asking God what our hearts long for and asking him to help us with the things we need. I love seeing my Laylie going to our Father daily writing, saying, and scribbling down the things she wants God to answer. Yesterday, she wrote in her scribbles - "Dear God, I pray for me to share, no grabbing, to obey, Tadee sick, and Lisa to have a baby" I know these are the things that are on her heart and that she is asking Him to answer. She is 2 1/2 and already knows God which makes this mama want to cry tears of joy. Before bed each night, we ask God to help her with any struggles that happened that day. Maybe a moment of not sharing with a friend at the park, or a moment of anger. As Jason and I snuggle and lay on her full size bed we pray together as a family and ask Him to help her be loving and know right from wrong. Every night before bed she has a smile on her face, a happy heart, and she knows she can always come to our main guider and protector.

I may not have a book on my bookshelf on how to raise my child, but I do have a Bible by my bed, on my dining room table, and a few in the office that instruct me on how to be a perfect mama to Laylie. What can be better than that?

Here is Laylie writing in her prayer journal and saying her Bible verses. What a God seeker!!



  1. What a cute age! We love her so much!!! You and Jason are amazing parents! I'm so glad we are raising our kids together! Love you guys!!! xoxo

  2. What a cute age! We love her so much!!! You and Jason are amazing parents! I'm so glad we are raising our kids together! Love you guys!!! xoxo