Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Our Very Last Post....

Months upon months have passed and we all have grown a bit more. Moments are happening all around me so quickly, I try never to forget the good times: a big sister and a little brother playing so nicely together on the floor in their room, Laylie baking something delicious in the kitchen that smells like heaven, and Nyla waking up each morning with the most bouncy hair in her face and greeting us happily. I pray and hope that our kids will look back on their childhood as a beautiful one. That their Mom and Dad had great faith in the Lord and taught them well. The freedom forgiveness brings when things don't quite happen the way they should. The kindness, love, and grace that the Lord shows us all. As for now, our kids may be 10, 7, 4, and 2, but I am going to soak up each and every day with them. I hope they will read these posts to their own children one day. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Time Keeps Passing

These past few months have been filled with joy, excitement and lots of memories.
Here are just a few memories to look back on…

We had a beautiful Easter weekend were we spent Easter with both families and we were able to participate in a fabulous egg hunt put on by the San Diego Firefighters.

One of our most treasured moments in our lives was when Laylie decided she wanted to get baptized. She talked about it for weeks, prayed about it, filled out her booklet from church, and went to a meeting with the pastor to discuss it. We will never forget the happiness we felt seeing her shine the love of Jesus and display His glory as she came up out of the water. She was so blessed by all of our family who came that night to watch her get baptized. It was a night we absolutely loved to see that she is all in for the Lord. 

Laylie was presented with an award from her school for being a "Positive Role Model". We are so proud of our little girl for loving on others and making them feel important every day at school.

Our little peanut turned 1 and we can't believe how much Nyla has grown. She is the sweetest little baby and we all adore her. She loves dancing to music, clapping her hands, and playing with her siblings. She is crawling everywhere, climbing stairs, and we are still waiting for her first word. She makes us all melt and gets lots of kisses throughout the day. 

We had a family Birthday party at the park and it was such a special day to have all of our family with us to celebrate Nyla turning 1, Holton turning 3, and Jason turning 40! 

We have been hanging out and soaking up this life. We have conquered challenges and felt extreme joys. Every day we are learning new things and making the most of what each day brings.

Thanks for journeying through life with us!