Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Rael

Happy 2nd Birthday Rael! We had a family birthday celebration outside in our cul-de-sac as we celebrated Rael turning 2 years old. We had the greatest time running around, being crazy, playing with all the cousins, and family. Sweet Rael, You are a true gift from God and we love every square inch of you. You are so much fun, full of life, make us laugh each day and always keep us on our toes with your personality.

In the morning, we surprised Rael with birthday hats, balloons, singing and a bagel breakfast. 

And at night, the family celebration began...

Cake and cookies were served...

Gifts were opened and played with...

We had the cousins line up for the largest gift to be opened from her mommy and daddy!!

A new.....

Happy Birthday Rael Gracelynn...You are so adored and loved on. 

Cheers to an amazing daddy...

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing daddy ever! Jason, thank you for loving Laylie and Rael with everything you do and for being the most incredible father to them. We are so lucky to be your girls!

Our special  tradition to love on daddy on Father's Day - breakfast in bed, gifts, and lots of love.

We are so grateful for everything you do - our provider, encourager, spiritual leader, helper, lover, and always bringing us so much fun and laughter. We love you!! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hula and Graduating

Every Tuesday, evening at 4pm, Jason and I would take turns taking Laylie to her hula class. She absolutely loved going and the best part of her hula class was that she was able to dance with her cousin Leia. There wasn't an evening where Laylie didn't want to attend class and was always ready with her bag in hand when the time came. During class, it was so darling to see her focus so hard with learning the dances, moving her hips, and her feet. After a few months of practicing once a week, she had the opportunity to perform at the Del Mar Fair. We arrived early at the Fair where we rode on some rides, drank some lemonade, saw the animals, and went on a pony ride. The family met up with us and we had a terrific time celebrating Laylie's hula day, and being with family.

At 6pm, Laylie, Leia and her Auntie Jessica dressed in their hula costumes and danced their routines. It was a beautiful show and so wonderful to see. Laylie and Leia looked adorable and Jessica truly has an amazing talent in dancing hula and has been dancing since she was Laylie's age.

Laylie, we are so proud of you and always love watching you shine on stage. A big thank you to Momoe and Grandad for making hula happen for Laylie - they gifted Laylie with the hula classes and costumes. Thanks to their amazing gift, she will always have a wonderful memory of dancing with her cousin and Auntie.

Also, this past Wednesday Laylie graduated from her 4 year old preschool. We are so proud of our little angel and can't believe how fast time is passing.  

Yay for Laylie!! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Time to catch up....

Time has gone, and now its time to post a few fun events that have happened over April, May and June. Time is passing, school is ending, and summer is beginning. Let's celebrate the summer and remember the last few months. 

In April...

We celebrated Easter with our wonderful friends The Williams. We had a wonderful lunch, Easter egg hunt, and enjoyed every minute celebrating the special holiday with our friends. 

Jason and I opened our new home for a few special gatherings in the month of April. We held a beautiful shower for my close friend Melanee who was expecting their sweet baby girl Ziara. A few weeks later, we celebrated Jason's sister Jillian and had amazing bridal shower. Both showers turned out lovely and we felt over-joyed that we have a home where we can bless others. 


Mother's Day was so special this year. It began with Laylie's preschool hosting a sweet Mother's Day Tea where Laylie made an adorable place-mat, a plate, and a necklace. With her class they sang two songs to all the moms and I must say there wasn't a dry eye in the house as we watched our adorable children sing about their moms and growing up. It really was a complete joy that day to be with Laylie and I am so thankful I am her mama. 

Following that, Mother's Day morning I woke up to breakfast in bed with my two angels; we took a coaster train ride to Old Town in San Diego; and I spent the gorgeous day with my little family. The best Mother's Day!

Laylie was blessed with another special and wonderful date outing with Uncle Tim and Auntie Lindsay. They rode the Coaster to San Diego where they played at a new park and toured a pirate ship. She had the time of her life and absolutely loved her one-on-one time with her incredible auntie and uncle.  

Jason's sister Jillian and her fiance Steve got married on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. They had the most amazing and beautiful wedding on the ship where the day could have not been more beautiful. I have never seen a more beaming and stunning bride, and she took everyone's breath away. Jason had the honor of performing the ceremony for his sister and new brother and did a fantastic job. Jillian and Steve's children where in their wedding and it really was a magical and unforgettable day. We had a blast celebrating and watching their lives begin together as family. 

Now June....

Our two little girls can spend hours playing together and being the sweetest sisters. Laylie is the greatest big sister to Rael and loves to take care of her little sister. It's so fun to see their relationship becoming so tight.

Rael: She is such the cutest little girl. She is talking up a storm and says the funniest things. She has a special bond with her daddy and loves to snuggle. She still has a passionate heart for animals. She is a non-stop mover and truly enjoys life to the fullest. She had her first dentist visit and did such a fantastic job and kept saying, "my turn" when Laylie was getting her teeth cleaned first. 
Rael's favorite activities are: playing doctor, and playing with baby dolls. 

Laylie is starting to learn how to do everything on her own. She is growing up so fast and is a complete joy. She has a sweet, tender and sensitive heart. She is a big helper around the house or if anyone needs a hand. She is awesome at riding her two-wheel bike and meeting new friends. Laylie went into the water at the beach for the very first time and loved it. She spent hours screaming and jumping through the water. 
Laylie's favorite activities are: dancing, playing dress up, playing board games, making crafts, and building things with legos.