Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Monday, August 30, 2010

What are little girls made of ???

When Laylie was born, every nurse, every doctor and everyone who visited us at the hospital said that she looked just like her daddy, Jason. Everyone agreed that she had my lips and mouth but everything else on her perfect little face were Jason’s features. As she continues to grow each month we see little things here and there that are just like her mama and papa.

Laylie and Her Mama...

Just Like Her Mama…
Laylie has this personality that absolutely loves to smile all the time, has a joyful heart and loves living life. Yup, I had/have this zest for life.

Laylie loves bugs, dirt and being outdoors. Yup, as a little girl I would spend hours making mud pies, putting salt on snails, dissecting spiders and bugs…oh, what fun!!

Laylie has this feistiness but sweet personality when she wants something. Yup, I had that at times.

Laylie does not have much hair at all. Yup, neither did I.

Laylie has these perfect little toes and has the tiniest little pinky toenail ever. Yup, she has my toes.

Laylie loves babies and kisses them until they are soaking wet with love. Yup, I wanted 100 kids when I was little because I loved babies and kids with my whole heart.

Laylie adores dogs and gets this overwhelming excitement for animals. Yup, I love animals and have always had a dog growing up.

Everything about Laylie is just so PERFECT AND LOVELY!!!

Laylie and Her Papa...

Just Like Her Papa…

Laylie has this sensitive and tender heart that loves everyone. Yup, her daddy was/is like this.

Laylie enjoys getting into anything technical and loves typing on the computer, playing with cell phones and the entertainment center. Yup, her daddy loved technical stuff and is now a computer programmer.

Laylie tries hard to obey and listen when told. Yup, her daddy was almost perfect as a child.

Laylie loves music and has this incredible “beat to the music” rhythm. Yes, her daddy had/has a passion for music and can play any interments he picks up.

Laylie is super easy going and does not mind change. Yup, her daddy was cool and calm.

Laylie has these beautiful blue eyes and super fair skin. Yup, that’s her dada.
Everything about Laylie is just so AMAZING AND AWESOME!!!

Laylie may have a few features here and there of Jason and I but she is her own little person. Her own personality, her own way of doing things and everything about her is special. God made every inch of her the exact way He wanted her to be. We are just so grateful that our amazing and awesome Father gave us the most treasured gift that we can't ever thank Him enough for. We are such lucky parents!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Our treasured time in CO

The Whites just got back from an incredible trip to the wonderful state of Colorado to visit our greatest friends, the Clark family. We had such an amazing and fun trip, and made memories that will last forever.

We got to meet our newest Godson Jed. Tears of joy came over me when I held this perfect little baby. Jason and I have always been at the hospital moments after a Clark baby was born, so I was overjoyed to finally get to hold him in my arms. He is the cutest and the sweetest little baby. I soaked him up for the 4 days we were there, trying to hold him countless hours, smelling his newborn scent which I could smell forever, cuddling him and just loving every minute being with him. What a joy!

We never really knew how truly beautiful Colorado is, where everything is green and there is LAND everywhere. There were cows roaming the grass and barns here and there. You can really see God’s awesome beauty by seeing miles and miles of grass leading up to beautiful big breathtaking mountains. There was even a big thunder and lighting storm before we left, which was fun to experience the true Colorado weather.

Jason spent many hours playing and wrestling with the kids, playing chase and running around the house. Laylie loved being with all the kids and enjoyed every day with them. It did take her a full week to recover from all the fun she had. The first day home I think she was only awake for 3 hours during the day. She was pooped!!

Kacy and I got to spend some wonderful time together talking about life, laughing, crying, and enjoying our time together. Words can’t express how much I love and miss my friend and it made my heart so thrilled that I was able to spend so much time with her. I really can’t wait to see my best friend again because she is a person I love living every step of life with.

We spent a day at a beautiful park and had lunch together. Another day we adventured out and went to this indoor play ground inside “Focus on the Family” where we ran around and enjoyed our time. This place is so fun, I wish they had something like it here….every room was painted and decorated, there was a 3 story slide, and the best part was it was all Christian themed. We all had a blast and Laylie loved it.

We had an incredible time being together going to see their NEW home with 10 acres of land, a barn, two houses and the most beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. Kacy has this amazing way of making their home feel so warm and welcoming, and I can’t wait to see how her new home will be after she puts all of her special touches in it. There will be some wonderful memories in their new home and we are thrilled that God made it all happen for them. Congratulations!

Joey had all kinds of events planned for Jason and they were always out and about doing something fun. Sunday morning they woke up at 5:30am to hike up this crazy mountain, and they made it all the way to the top. Way to go guys!

Thank you Joey, Kacy, and kids for letting us make some incredible memories with you. We truly had the most fantastic trip. We sure do miss you and cant wait to go back to Colorado and stay in your NEW home someday soon. What a trip to remember!!!!!