Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Our 4 Month Angel

Nyla is now 4 months and such a darling little girl. She is cooing and making eye contact now which melts everyone's hearts. She is the most peaceful baby and is happy to go with the flow. We thank the Lord for her sweet personality since she is the fourth and there is a lot going on in our household. Each of our kids love holding and snuggling her throughout the day. Laylie is extremely helpful by holding her when I need two hands, Rael makes her giggle, and Holton keeps her entertained with whatever he is doing. Her sweet snuggles make the world fade away and we adore how she sucks her thumb and cuddles her blankie. She is sleeping throughout the night like a champ from 7pm-7:30am straight without any help. A couple days this past month have been rough, with adjusting to homeschooling the girls, being a mama of 4, trying to get everything done around the house, and doing errands. I get tired, but as soon as I hold Nyla in my arms my lungs take a deep breath, my mind tells me it's going to be ok and the Lord carries me through each and every time. I love that her little body and her sweet baby smell helps this mama in ways she doesn't even know. The whole family is extremely grateful for our little Nyla and we can't picture life without her.

Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

The girls had their first day of school. They had the greatest week and really like their teachers. The best part of school this year is that they get to go to school together. Laylie enjoys teaching Rael all the school rules and including her little sister in everything she does at recess and lunch. I will never forget the sight of them walking hand in hand to the gym while Rael bounces up and down trying to keep up with Laylie's steps. May these two sisters be best friends for a lifetime and be a blessing to everyone they are around at their school. Cheers to another year of school!!!

On homeschool mornings, the girls wake up on their own every morning at 6am to make their beds, clean their room, get dressed, and walk down stairs to where their home school books are laid out. They sit at the table together and work hard until 9:30am with a breakfast break in between. They have been enjoying school and learning together. Homeschooling two now has been fun and I am realizing it is doable which makes this mama very happy. The way they both work hard and like to do lots of schoolwork makes me so proud. I love that our family gets to spend so much time together throughout the days and its makes homeschooling all worth it.