Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Curls and Contentment

When Laylie was in my womb I prayed for her countless times throughout the day. I prayed certain things like that she would be filled up with the Holy Spirit, that she would love the Lord with all her heart, and other fun things like that she would have musical talent like her daddy, and that she would have bright blue eyes and blonde curly hair. I just always pictured my daughter having blonde curls and helping her style it every morning. Well, the last few weeks have been interesting for the both of us. Every morning Laylie needs to be encouraged that curly hair is beautiful and adorable. She has come to the fact on her own that her hair has to be completely straight and curls just won’t do it for her anymore.  I continually encourage her by saying that God has given her the most beautiful hair and he answered her mommy’s prayer. I name each person we know that has been blessed with curls on their head and how beautiful their hair truly is. My brain tries to wrap around the idea of how she ever came up with this thought as a 2 year old and why she needs her hair to be completely straight? Each day has gotten better and better as she realizes that God has made her beautiful and special. Not only is she learning and growing, but she is teaching her mama to be pleased with what God has given her, too. We all need to rejoice in the things that God has blessed us with that we sometimes don’t really see through our own eyes. Laylie may not like the curls on her head at the moment, but practically everyone in this whole wide world wishes they had them. My little 2 year old and I are learning to be content, thankful, and really realize how blessed we are with everything we have.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

27 Weeks and Counting...

Being pregnant with Laylie was the greatest time. No morning sickness, no real aches or pains, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I must say, I am blessed because this pregnancy is turning out to be the same. I am enjoying every day growing this sweet baby girl, and knowing that God is knitting her together perfectly which makes my heart overfilled with joy. I notice my belly growing bigger each week and I notice little Rael moving and kicking more often. I now can feel actual bone movements like an elbow to my side or a heel of a foot in my chest. I love knowing that she is there with me 24/7 and I really can't wait to hold her and meet her. Laylie is getting more and more excited about her baby sister. She now wants to chat with her and loves kissing my belly. She loves to lift her shirt and yell "tummy time" and laughs when we rub our tummies together. I can't wait to watch her become a big sister and be a leader for Rael. Jason is getting really thrilled about having a baby to snuggle in his arms. Our family is ready and we seriously are looking forward to the day we become a family of 4. We love you Rael Gracelynn with all our hearts and we are waiting for you. Keep growing big and strong sweet baby of ours!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Enchanted Party

Laylie had an extremely fun day. She was invited to her best friend’s princess birthday party and it was truly a special day. She wore her adorable yellow dress and white sandals to go with the “princess dress up” theme. When we arrived, the house was fully decorated in the enchanted theme for a prince or princess. There was a small children’s table full of beads to make bracelets, princess crowns, wands and coloring pages. A delicious lunch was served where we ate pizza, sandwiches, chips, and vegetables. There was a scavenger hunt, a piƱata, and Laylie’s favorite part of all - the princess Rapunzel from the movie Tangled! She sang to all the kids, read a story, and took a picture with each child. Laylie loved it!! What a grand day. Happy Birthday, sweet Therese. We love you so much and we are so thankful for your amazing friendship with Laylie. May God bring you many blessings this year being 3. 

Our Sweet Princess

                                                             Two very special girls
Story time by Rapunzel

Happy Birthday Therese!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Visiting the Farm....

Laylie and I had the most fabulous week in Colorado visiting our closest and dearest friends - The Clarks.

After saying goodbye to Jason, we boarded our plane at the San Diego Airport. Laylie loved being on the airplane - she enjoyed every minute of it. I brought beads to make bracelets, play-doh, legos, coloring books and tons of snacks. Laylie was in true heaven and never made a peep flying to Colorado and back to San Diego since she was always busy doing something. I loved traveling with my sweet daughter.

We arrived in Colorado where Kacy and all 4 of her small treasures picked us up at the large Denver Airport. We were overjoyed to see each other and we were excited that we had 5 days together. After an hour of driving, we arrived at their amazing farm house and unloaded all of the kids and our belongings. Then the fun began! Laylie was able to touch and eat her first snow that was left on the ground from their last snow fall. She had tons of fun riding in the electric jeep car with the all the kids, playing on their awesome swing set, running around their large 10 acre land and just playing every day with the Clark kids. Their farmhouse is truly outstanding and I loved it in every way. I soaked up every moment being with my sweet friend Kacy as we shared our hearts, laughed about silly things and just being in her presence made my heart so happy. We had an unforgettable trip and made memories that will last forever.

Thank you Clarks for all the love you gave Laylie and me. We can’t wait to visit again. We love you!!