Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Visiting the Farm....

Laylie and I had the most fabulous week in Colorado visiting our closest and dearest friends - The Clarks.

After saying goodbye to Jason, we boarded our plane at the San Diego Airport. Laylie loved being on the airplane - she enjoyed every minute of it. I brought beads to make bracelets, play-doh, legos, coloring books and tons of snacks. Laylie was in true heaven and never made a peep flying to Colorado and back to San Diego since she was always busy doing something. I loved traveling with my sweet daughter.

We arrived in Colorado where Kacy and all 4 of her small treasures picked us up at the large Denver Airport. We were overjoyed to see each other and we were excited that we had 5 days together. After an hour of driving, we arrived at their amazing farm house and unloaded all of the kids and our belongings. Then the fun began! Laylie was able to touch and eat her first snow that was left on the ground from their last snow fall. She had tons of fun riding in the electric jeep car with the all the kids, playing on their awesome swing set, running around their large 10 acre land and just playing every day with the Clark kids. Their farmhouse is truly outstanding and I loved it in every way. I soaked up every moment being with my sweet friend Kacy as we shared our hearts, laughed about silly things and just being in her presence made my heart so happy. We had an unforgettable trip and made memories that will last forever.

Thank you Clarks for all the love you gave Laylie and me. We can’t wait to visit again. We love you!!

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  1. Wow - sounds like you guys had a great trip! :) Love that Mommy & Daughter photo at the airport of you two - so beautiful!