Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our 2 Year Old

Our little Laylie is surprising us each and every day on how big she is truly getting. Every second that goes by, I count it a blessing that I get to stay home with her to guide, watch, protect, and teach her the way of the Lord and be her mommy. I am so thankful!

Fun Facts about our 2 year old:

She now calls Jason "Babe" and myself "Love" - these are the nicknames Jason and I call each other and it is funny to hear a tiny little person call out to us from another room using these words.

She is a ball of energy and talks in complete full sentences, telling long and extremely detailed stories.

She is getting so excited to be a big sister and wants to talk to Rael everyday. She adores lifting up my shirt and showing off my pregnant belly to strangers...mama is not such a big fan of this when it happens in public, but knows that Laylie is just as thrilled about baby Rael as we are.

We are getting her big girl room ready and she can hardly wait to move in to it. She reminds us every night before bed that she wants to sleep in her very big full size bed. (We will post soon about that fun adventure)

She asks us "why" and "what" about a million times each day and always wants to be brought up to speed with our conversations.

She adores and loves playing with her friends and cousins.

I am blessed beyond measure that she truly is a really behaved little girl and tries to obey, which she knows not only makes us happy, but most of all Jesus.

She LOVES books and any kind of art. Sometimes I find her sitting in her room on her big rocking chair reading book after book.

She can't live without her Comfort Silkie blanket! Whenever she feels a little tired, she must have that comfort item nearby. I am so thankful that I have plenty on hand and that I know where to get them for a discount:-)

She adores playing in her pink kitchen, making yummy tea and taking care of her baby dolls.

Her all time favorite thing since she was tiny is "twistys" - this is when Jason wraps her in a blanket and swings her left to right in the air. Jason is getting the best workout and Laylie is having the time of her life.

She has no fear! I find her doing the most dangerous things a kid could do at the playground, and she even encourages her friends to do the same!

She loves dressing up in tights, leotards and tutus for her dance class. She really loves to dance and moves to any kind of music.

We love you Laylie Joanelle and we are so thankful to God for you everyday. You are our shining star and beautiful treasure. After holding you in my arms just minutes after you were born - our lives were forever changed for the better. Can't image life without you, sweet daughter of ours!

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