Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Dandy Saturday

Jason, Laylie and I spent all day at the mall on Saturday. Not to go shopping, or to people watch, but to have a super fun day doing whatever Laylie wanted. The day included: Going on the marry-go-round several times, playing with all the toys at the Disney Store, eating lunch at Pat & Oscars, putting in quarters for the 1 minute kiddie rides, playing in Kidsville, and running around the whole mall up and down the escalators. These days I am just so grateful to have my sweet little treasure, where we can enjoy a Saturday doing whatever she loves. We had a blast and loved every minute with her. That’s what I call a Super-Dee-Duper fun Saturday.

August Showers

I had the honor of throwing 4 showers in 4 weeks. Lots of fun preparing, planning, prepping and fun celebrating. With that said, I had a great time planning this shower with my friend Danielle where we spent lots of nights making crafts together and coming up with to do lists. This shower was for my special and dear friend Monique who is pregnant with her second and this time she is having a baby boy. We are thrilled and can’t wait to meet him. The party was a bright lemon and sunflower theme with touches of yellow and blue everywhere around the backyard. With lemonade stand and lots of big sunflowers on each table. What a perfect and wonderful day and I am so blessed to be a part of this special time in Monique’s life as she welcomes her little boy into the world. Mo and Jim congratulations and you both will make the most wonderful parents your little guy and you already are to your sweet little Therese Carol.

The next weekend I helped throw a baby shower all pretty in pink for my sweet new Niece Andy. Everything was so lovely as family gathered together to eat yummy food, play games, watch Lila open tiny baby outfits, and we of course passed little Andy around for everyone to get a snuggle while we celebrated her new life. We had such a wonderful and fun time with everyone and we can’t wait to watch our niece grow up into the little girl God has created her to be. We love you Andy, Chris and Lila!! Congratulations on your most beautiful daughter.

Then the following weekend, which was the last weekend in August, I helped throw an extremely fun bachelorette party for my sweet friend Aubree. We all loaded up in my car and headed to Palm Springs for the weekend, and we made sure that the car was fully decorated with signs on the widows that said “honk for the bride.” As we drove down the I-10 freeway, we all danced together to the loud, up-beat songs blaring through the speakers. We all knew we were off on a good weekend celebrating the bachelorette.
We arrived in Palm Springs around 10pm. As we all piled out of the Highlander we instantly started sweating in the 100 degrees weather. Nice!! We arrived at the hotel and we relaxed, laughed, danced and watched a movie together. Saturday we spent a full day at the pool laying out, and that night we had dinner at the JW Marriott. It was such a joyous and wonderful time making memories with my dear friend Aubree before her big day when she gets to marry her sweet Kai. This Saturday is going to be a magical day for Aubree and I can’t wait to enjoy the day with her. Bring on the wedding bells!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bride-to-be and Tea

One of my best friends, Aubree, is getting married in September. Courtney, Aubree and I have all been best friends since 6th grade and we were always the three musketeers. We did everything together…sleep overs, parties, dances, week long church camps, beach days, vacations…you name it, we did it. We still are making memories but now the memories are with our wonderful husbands and kids. I am so blessed to be a part of this exciting time in Aubree’s life and witness her magical day marrying her prince charming. As being a bridesmaid, one of the things you get the honor of doing is throwing a bridal shower for the bride to be. I had so much fun planning, shopping, and spending countless hours making this bridal shower extra special for my sweet friend. The day included: tea hats, lace table cloths, with tea cups and tea pots on each table, sugar cubes and cream, white roses, finger sandwiches, tea desserts, punch, gifts and games. What an elegant time for such an elegant bride. Everything turned out just the way we all dreamed it would be and the day was lovely. Aubree, I love you so much friend and I am so thankful God brought you into my life 12 years ago. Congratulations to you and your husband-to-be, Kai! I can’t wait to watch your marriage grow and your new life together unfold. Your wedding day is going to be such a dream come true. Love you sweet friend Aubree Ann!!

Still making memories today as best friends....

And the pasted memories will always be kept forever..

Laylie's Dream Kitchen

Since Laylie has been doing such an awesome job potty training, we got her a little surprise…This past weekend we blessed Laylie with a new kitchen!! It’s pink and matches her room perfectly. I scored it on craigslist and knew that it was the one I wanted. She slides her closet mirror doors opened and spends hours baking, cooking, and feeding us or her baby dolls. She makes the most fantastic plastic cupcakes and hot dogs. If you want to come over to Laylie’s room, I am sure she would love to make you some lunch or dinner. It is a true joy to watch her play!

Tiny Fingers and Tiny Toes

We are in love!! We are thrilled to announce that my brother Chris and sister-in-law Lila had their baby girl, Andy Frances Troncone, on Saturday night, July 23rd. She is the most beautiful baby and perfect in every way. We can’t wait to watch her grow up and have such a wonderful time playing with Laylie.

When the family heard the news that Lila was in labor, we all waited in the lobby for many hours. Sweet little Andy was going to be a surprise because we did not know if the baby would be a girl or a boy, so we could not wait to hear the news. Of course our family made the waiting time extra fun…wheel chair races in the lobby, blowing up doctors' gloves and making them into balloons, and running around playing tag. The best part was how excited Laylie was to meet her new little cousin. She knew exactly what we were there for and understood all the updates we were getting from Chris. She even stayed up till 10pm at the hospital. What a wonderful memory to have!

Congratulations Chris and Lila! You are the greatest parents to Andy and she is so lucky to be raised by two of the most incredible, loving and upstanding people. We love all 3 of you!!

The family waiting in the lobby for Andy's arrival:

Grandpa and Laylie putting the glove balloons under their shirts and pretending to be pregnant:

Meeting Baby Andy: