Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Friday, December 5, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Whites 

Like every year before my sister Lisa Lain takes our annual Christmas photos and I am always in awe. These photos will be framed forever in our home and I can never thank her enough for her special talent. We love you Lisa and thank you for always capturing our family – It’s a huge blessing to Jason and I.

May this Christmas bring lots of joy, happiness and love! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

We have some exciting NEWS....

We are so excited and thrilled to announce that we are EXPECTING A BABY in May!!! We went to our big ultrasound appointment today and it was so amazing to see our tiny little baby. The doctor told us that the little treasure looked absolutely perfect in every way. We loved watching our little one move around, seeing a button nose and all ten tiny fingers and toes. We prayed for this little one for a long time and feel so blessed that God knew the desires of our hearts. Laylie and Rael are always talking and thinking about this baby and giving my belly daily kisses. I can't wait to see them hold, cuddle, and be such great big sisters. The whole family is getting excited about the day we get to meet this new member of our family who we will love with all of our hearts. Jason and I feel extremely blessed by God that He has chosen us to raise 3 little treasures of His. What a blessing!!

Stay tuned because on Christmas morning we will be opening a very special
envelope letting us all know if we will be having a darling baby girl or a totally cool baby boy. 

We are so in love with this baby, who is going to get lots of love when they enter the world! 

Keep growing big and strong sweet little one, but know that we are very excited to meet you! 

"Every good and perfect gift is from above." - James 1:17

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fall Greetings....

 Fall Greetings From The White Family  - 

We packed our car and set out on our annual adventure to Julian with the White Family. We had the greatest and most lovely time being with our family. Each year like before, the moms were able to go to the tea house in Julian where we sit together and sip delicious tea. It's one of my most favorite memories. The kids rode bikes and scooters, played on the playground by our cabin, and we all shopped at all of the artistic shops in town. Thanks to Mom and Dad White for always making this family trip happen! It always gets me excited about the holidays coming up - being with family and the season of Fall.

We had the Clark family visit us for a few days and everyday it was a blessing. We had so much fun waking up each morning with them, playing outside, doing Thanksgiving crafts, running around and just soaking up the moments with our closest friends. Thank you Joey and Kacy for driving out all the way to San Diego from Colorado with all your 5 treasures in tow. We love you so incredibly much.

 We had two beautiful Thanksgivings.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we celebrated with the Troncone family where the table was set for 20 and everything was stunning. We ate tons of tasty food and participated in our annual family traditions. It was a perfect Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving day we had a fantastic time being with the Whites. Grandad and Momoe blessed the grandkids with a large bounce house and a crazy big slide. The whole family sat around the beautifully set table and really enjoyed being together. Another fun Thanksgiving to remember!

Once Thanksgiving was over...the next day our little family started decorating our home for our most favorite holiday - Christmas!! It was such a joy having Laylie and Rael get so excited about decorating. A few times I would see Laylie skipping from room to room singing along to the Christmas music playing in the living room. It made me smile so big knowing that my children are now at the age where they get to experience the fun of Christmas and understand why we celebrate. We ate powdered doughnuts, sipped on hot coco and hung ornaments on our Christmas tree. We are now counting downuntil the 25th and are very excited to be in our new home during this Christmas season. We are so truly thankful!!!