Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer time will be missed...

Summer is coming to an end, but as we look back, we have had tons of fun hanging out with friends and family, spending days at the beach, going to birthday parties, attending VBS camps, making special trips for ice cream, cheering Rael and Lily on while they take swim lessons and attending a few concert in the parks.

 and the best of all adventures to our annual Palm Desert trip at the Marriott Villas. Jason and I started this special trip on our 1st year anniversary, and every summer we have continued it. It was just him and I lounging around the pool, sleeping in till mid-morning and watching movies in the Condo, but now fast forward 11 years later and we have 3 beautiful children in tow. We had the most wonderful time being together and spending time together. We focused on one another's needs and loved how we got to soak up each other. We went swimming every morning, took naps, ate yummy food, and did fun crafts at the kids center. We made up fun games like obstacle courses throughout the condo's furniture, jumped on the cozy beds, and had a few pillow fights with their fluffy pillows. Holton learned how to walk during this trip, and now is a full time toddler. Throughout the week I would hear Jason say randomly "Holton is so pleasant" or "I just love our family" We are so in love with our little boy and both our girls. We are thankful and grateful for this trip and all the fun we have had this summer. I can't believe in 2 weeks I will be homeschooling again and Rael will be a preschooler. Looking forward to the darling 1st day of school pictures!

Holton is 15 Months

Holton is 15 months! He is walking all over the place, enjoys books and cars, he likes to play outside and get dirty. He is a turning into a true toddler by getting into anything and everything. His favorite thing to do is play with his two bigger sisters who take such good care of him. He has no fear for the water and had so much fun swimming or playing in the ocean. He is always smiling and enjoying life. He has the perfect tan skin, dark eyes and blonde hair....he melts everyones hearts. He is saying new words everyday and his favorite food right now is eggs. Here is a look back on his little life growing big and mighty!

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