Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Disney Day

That’s right folks; we went to the “happiest place on earth”...DISNEYLAND!! A few months ago Jason and I decided that we would take Laylie there for her 3rd birthday. It truly was a fun and sweet adventure for our little family. We stayed one night at the Marriott where we spent the day swimming together in the big pool, enjoying our hotel room and going to IHOP for a pancake dinner by Laylie’s request. We woke up the next morning and spent a full day at Disneyland. Laylie LOVED IT!! We went on rides, met Mickey and Minnie – and even saw where they lived in Toon Town. We got to watch the Disney parade and the greatest part of all was that our sweet and longtime friends, the Watts, met us for the day. Laylie enjoyed every minute playing with her buddy Chance and going on rides with him. He would encourage her and tell her it was ok if the rides seemed a little frightening since he was a champ and had a season pass. They are the cutest together as they held hands walking through the park or jumping all over the place with excitement. We ended the day at the Rainforest CafĂ© in Downtown Disney and had a delicious dinner together. Such a fun weekend and we loved spoiling our little girl who is about to turn 3!!

Laylie's request and all time favorite - pancakes

Girls getting excited for Disneyland the next day

Laylie in her big full bed at the hotel

Ready and excited for the day

Meeting Mickey

Laylie's favorite ride

Meeting Mickey and Minnie @ their houses

Best Buddies

Resting on the train ride

24 years of friendship - So thankful  for Jessica

Laylie and Jason enjoying the Disney Parade

What a joyful weekend!!

Rael is 3 Months

Our little angel is extremely easy going and I truly think she is one of the best babies God could ever give a mama. She sleeps about anywhere, hardly ever cries, and falls asleep all on her own in her big girl crib, waking up only once for a 3am feeding. She loves facing out in our arms to explore and see the world. She really gets happy and shows a big smile ear to ear when her big sister Laylie plays with her and talks to her. She enjoys cooing as loud as she can with her big blue eyes staring straight at you. It truly is the sweetest thing to listen to and you can’t help but talk back with that high pitch silly voice that everyone seems to use when they talk to babies. But hey, it always gets her to smile bigger and coo more so who cares!! Her favorite things are milk, her comfort silkie, her pacifier, and being held in anyone’s arms for a snuggle. She is a big drooler and enjoys blowing bubbles with her little mouth. She is such a sweet little girl and our hearts are bursting at the seams with love for our little angel. We love you baby girl!!

We love every inch of our little Rael

We can't get enough of these sweet smiles

Her big blue eyes captivate everyone

Love her little toes

Rael is so lucky to have a big sister who always brings her toys to play with...lots and lots of toys :-)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Our Preschooler

Laylie is in PRESCHOOL!! Her first day was Tuesday and she was so excited to go. I woke up early to make the morning extra special for our little girl. I got ready for the day, made cinnamon rolls, and we played together until it was time to leave the house. We arrived at preschool at 8:30am and she was so excited to get to her classroom and be with her teacher Miss Wendy. We took a few pictures outside and we walked together as a family to her classroom. She walked straight into her classroom and ran around checking everything out. Reading books in the clubhouse, getting down puzzles from the shelves, and playing with play-doh with all the other kids. I was so proud of her for how brave she was just going right into her classroom not knowing anyone, fully ready for her mama and dada to leave for a while. We waved goodbye and blew her kisses. She smiled at us and blew us a kiss back. I left with so much emotion – extremely excited for her, knowing she is going to have so much fun learning and playing, but then I was also so sad to know that my little baby girl is growing up and is already in preschool. Wow, I am now a mom of an adorable preschooler.

My beautiful little girl

Laylie's awesome and super fun classroom

Laylie and her teacher Miss Wendy

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kathleen, GA

A year ago this September I picked up the phone one Saturday morning and on the other end was my closest cousin Madisyn. She told me she just got engaged to her sweetheart Levi and that they were planning to get married next September. Well, that year flew by and our little family made the trip out to Kathleen, GA to witness the beautiful wedding of Madisyn and Levi. We arrived a week early to help out and enjoy the family. It truly was such a fun trip and we are so glad we spent an entire week being with family. Laylie really had a blast playing with all of the cousins, jumping on their big trampoline, swimming, and enjoying every day that we were there. It was such a joy to see all my cousins playing with Laylie and holding Rael. It brought my heart so much happiness. The wedding was magical and beautiful, and we made memories we won't ever forget.

The week was a blast playing with all of the cousins.

I had fun helping Madisyn with her wedding planning by putting together programs, wedding favors, flowers and napkins. I am so grateful that we have such a close relationship and that I got to be with her during this most special time in her life.

The wedding was so breathtaking. It took place at Plantation Farms where the ceremony was set up outside on a beautiful grass field, and the reception was in a barn with candles everywhere and big chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Madi looked absolutely beautiful and she and Levi looked so happy and in love. We had so much fun dancing the night away and being a part of such a joyful event that we all will never forget.

We flew home the day after the wedding with happy hearts. We felt so blessed to be able to enjoy all the family and witness such a magical wedding for my closest cousin.