Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a week...

This was a very hard and long week for my little Laylie J. High fevers every day, long naps, big sad red eyes, no appetite and only wanted to be held. Yes, folks even though I completely love to snuggle I truly thought my arms would fall off and I think my left arm might be bigger now. As every mother would do…try to solve what was making my little baby so miserable. Is it the flu? Did she eat something? Is she allergic to something? Is it the shot she received 2 weeks ago? BINGO! Yup, this Saturday morning she woke up with red bumps completely covering her little body. She had a full blown reaction to the MMR shot and came down the case of fake measles.:-( With lots of prayer, love, snuggles and singing she is finally getting better day by day. We knew she was making a comeback today because she was dancing to her favorite music “Mickey Mouse Club House” which made mine and Jason’s hearts extremely happy. We are hoping to have our little happy go lucky, healthy little girl back asap and I am honored to be her mama to bring her comfort when she is not herself. Keep getting better my sweet Laylie J!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Little Girl Turns 15 Months...

This month Laylie Joanelle turned 15 months…where has time gone? My heart is filled to the brim and overflowing with love for her. Every day, I can’t get enough of her and I feel so blessed God has given her to me to love and raise. The other day I looked at her and could not believe she belongs to me the blonde hair and bright blue eyed little girl is M.I.N.E. (and the Lords). Thank you Lord for giving me the perfect two gifts in my life…my amazing husband and my baby girl. I feel so grateful!
Laylie is now 15 Months and Jason and I are starting to see what great qualities God is giving her.

Here are just a few:

God is making her into a “great and mighty communicator”:
She now can say about 20 words clear as day such as…please, no, yea, water, dog, uh-oh, dada, mama, Gypsy, help etc. and signs a few words too.
She now can tell you a story for about 10 minutes straight with a few regular words but mostly baby talk.

God gave her “willingness to help others”:
She always picks up her toys without being asked, helps her mama put clean silverware away into the drawer and throws clean wet laundry into the dryer.

God gave her a “heart for others”:
If she notices someone in need she is there to bring comfort and a big hug.
If she has hurt someone she is easy to apologize and forgive.

God made her a “complete girl”:
Throughout most of her days, she spends a few hours trying on her collection of shoes and putting on pretty necklaces.

God has given her a “feisty but sweet personality and can definitely can hold her own”
She knows what she wants at times but is always willing to obey if told.

God gave her a willingness to be “taught and learn more about Him”
Enjoys reading a billion books a day and loves when we read her The Children’s Bible.

God gave her a “fearless heart with mighty strength”
She is a mighty climber folks! Most of the time I find her stuck in places I have no clue how she got there in the first place. She gets a thrill going super high in a swing…sometime it seems like she may loop around the swing set. She loves when others throw her in the air and she giggles as her tummy drops.

We are relishing in this fun time being parents as we raise our little girl. Thank you, Heavenly Father for letting us raise your daughter and we promise we will love and adore her with all of our hearts.

A little girl's dream house...

This last Saturday we had a super fun surprise for Laylie. A new PLAYHOUSE!!

This little playhouse was a gift from Jason’s parents at Christmas and we could not wait to build it and have Laylie spend hours playing inside. She spends most of her days playing outside in our back patio playing with bubbles, chalk, swinging in her swing, throwing balls, riding her bike and now playing in her new little home.
Friday night my Dad, Jason and Jon worked hard on the little house and making it perfect for Laylie. The instructions said 8 -10 building hours for a two person job but by my amazement it only took them 3 ½ hours. Great work guys and I am so thankful!

After Laylie woke up Saturday morning we took her outside to show her the big surprise waiting for her. She walked outside and was so thrilled to see something new and to have her own house. She loved opening and closing the green little door and looking out the nice vinyl windows. I am so grateful for this gift and I am excited to watch Laylie spend hours upon hours playing. I must admit I am really anxious to get in there day after day to play babies and have tea parties with my little daughter - it might be tight in that little house but it sure won’t hinder me from having fun.

Thanks Mom & Dad White for blessing Laylie with her awesome gift. Thanks Jason, Dad and Jon for spending hours building and crafting the new home. We love you all!