Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rael is 1 Month

Rael is 1 Month -
We are loving each moment with her and every inch of her. We are enjoying the snuggles, cuddles, kisses, coos that light us up, smiles that make your heart skip a beat and all the love that makes us burst at the seams. We love you Rael!
Rael at 1 week - 

Now Rael at 1 Month - As you can see, she is growing up big and strong which means there is more of her to kiss and cuddle.  

Some of Rael's 1st month photos -

Our Hero

My dad and Laylie have this wonderful bond. She adores her Grandpa and has ever since she was tiny. Every time we enter into their home, she is thrilled to see him and play with him. He will hold her in his arms while she strokes his soft hair or snuggles up to him while he tells her stories.  It truly is the sweetest thing and it makes me so happy that my little girl loves her Grandpa. My dad has a heart of gold and he is always thinking of his grandchildren. One thing that Laylie is so happy about that her grandpa blessed her with is "earmuffs". Thanks to my awesome and loving dad, this gift has been the perfect touch to Laylie's heart and she now has less fear. As all of you know, Laylie is very scared of loud noises...and Wednesday, also known as Gardener Day, is a rough one for our Laylie. However, thanks to Grandpa, now she can put on her earmuffs and be brave enough to not be in mama's arms all day - and get this - actually wave hi over the fence while the gardeners mow our greenbelt! Thank you Dad! You truly are an amazing father and grandfather. We all love and adore you and Laylie thinks you are a hero.

Fun times of Laylie & her Grandpa

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Since the day I brought home Rael, I have absolutely loved being a mama to my two amazing little girls. Each day I feel so blessed and honored God has picked me to be their mama and that I get to spend every day with my two precious treasures. I have had really good energy throughout each day, and I have had lots of patience and love for my girls and Jason.

Monday morning, I woke up feeling a little different. My neck was painfully aching from constantly looking down at Rael while nursing, I had a toothache, my head was pounding with a headache, and I woke up completely exhausted from getting only one hour of sleep. After my 5:30am feeding with Rael I just sat on my bed and cried. I was so tired and I knew I had to be a sweet loving mommy to my girls in just a few short minutes before they woke up for the day. How can I do this? I can't take 1 hour sleepless nights anymore, I can't do everything – so I prayed, wiped my tears, held Rael on my chest and called someone who would know exactly what I was going through – my own mama.

My amazing mama picks up the phone and in her early morning voice says, "Hi Mindy, what’s going on?" Through my tears I reply, "Mom, I only got 1 hour of sleep and I am feeling so tired. Will you come massage my neck?" And my mama says, "I will be right there!"

She walks in the door 30 minutes later with fresh cut roses from her garden, fresh berries, a peach for my breakfast, and a completely happy smile ready to enjoy an early morning with her grandbabies. She instructs me: “Go upstairs and rest! Don't worry about a thing.” I put my head on my pillow and instantly I was out - dreaming for an hour to two. I woke up and found Rael sleeping peacefully on the couch with Laylie coloring on the floor next to her grandma. My heart felt happier and I was ready to start my day. How come mamas can always make their children feel so good? When I feel hopeless, sad, afraid, or sick, the people I always call on are my heavenly Father, my awesome husband, and my mom. They all comfort and encourage me in different ways. And today, my mama said the perfect thing and made me feel so loved. Her daily example makes me want to be a mama just like her. I want my children to call me when they need someone, and I want them to be able to tell me everything and for us to have a completely open, honest and faithful relationship. I pray God gives me and my girls the love and relationship I have with my beautiful mama.

Mama- you are amazing inside and out. When I think of all of the noble women in the Bible, I truly think of you! You make me want to be a better woman of God, wife to Jason, and mom to my girls. I am so proud of you and I can’t thank you enough for raising your 6 kids with so much love and passion. I love you to the moon and back! Thank you for being the best mama and grandma to my children.

Two of your five grandbabies that adore you

You and your six children you have raised perfectly

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Little Pumpkin at 2 Weeks

 We took Rael to her two week check-up and we must say...She is growing big and strong. We love every inch of her and continue to soak her up each and every day.

Born at:

Weight: 6 lbs 10oz

Height: 18 1/2 inches

Now @ 2 weeks:

Weight: 8 lbs 2 oz - 44%

Height: 21 inches - 82%

Head: 35.25 cm - 50%

Some fun facts about our Rael:

She loves to be held and snuggled

She is starting to coo and make eye contact

She flashes everyone big smiles all the time

She knows how to roll over already and can move her little body from one end of the play-mat to the other

She enjoys nursing and likes it even more at night when mama and papa are trying to get some zzzz's

She enjoys the car seat and going on adventures

She really loves to be swaddled in her Comfort Silkie swaddler

She is a fast nurser and stops nursing when her tummy is full

She is a very content little girl and enjoys being in the bouncer seat or swing

She loves taking baths with her big sister Laylie and feeling the warm water on her little body

Her new nickname from our little family is "Pumpkin"

We love you Rael and can't wait to see you grow up into the little lady God has created you to be. Keep growing my little pumpkin but not too fast because this mama wants you to be small forever.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Laylie & Rael

While I was pregnant with Rael, I prayed every day for my Laylie that her heart would be ready for her little sister, that she would adjust well, and that my two little girls would have a special sister bond. With lots of prayers, talking about Rael, encouraging Laylie, and tons of big sister books throughout the 9 months, I must say - Laylie is doing really well and she loves being a big sister. She is the sweetest, kindest and most gentle big sister. As soon as she opens her eyes for the day, the first thing she wants to do is hold Rael. She snuggles her, gentle rubs her head, and kisses her cheek. When Rael cries for a diaper change or for a feeding Laylie is always there to whisper in her ear “It will be ok.” She really enjoys reading books to her while she sits in her bouncer chair and tells her wonderful stories. Doing things like taking a bath, reading bed time stories on her bed as a family of 4, or holding Rael in our arms while we all play tag brings so much joy to Laylie and she is loving her little sister more and more. I am so thankful and I will continue to pray daily for their special relationship. What a true gift to have – a true best friend forever. Just like me and my sisters.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July


And a good morning visit from Grandma & Grandpa

Monday, July 2, 2012


When I look at my adorable Rael, I see Laylie, her big sister. They share the same big beautiful lips, blue eyes, cute button nose, and the sweetest little angel face. I am so soaking up each and every minute with my little girl and I truly forgot how wonderful it is to have a newborn. The baby smell, the bonding while breastfeeding, the snuggles while they sleep on your chest or in your arms - it is priceless. Here are Rael and Laylie in their swing at a week old. They sure do look like sisters to me and I am so blessed to have two beautiful girls. This mama's heart is so happy!

Laylie Joanelle

Rael Gracelynn