Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Friday, July 6, 2012

Laylie & Rael

While I was pregnant with Rael, I prayed every day for my Laylie that her heart would be ready for her little sister, that she would adjust well, and that my two little girls would have a special sister bond. With lots of prayers, talking about Rael, encouraging Laylie, and tons of big sister books throughout the 9 months, I must say - Laylie is doing really well and she loves being a big sister. She is the sweetest, kindest and most gentle big sister. As soon as she opens her eyes for the day, the first thing she wants to do is hold Rael. She snuggles her, gentle rubs her head, and kisses her cheek. When Rael cries for a diaper change or for a feeding Laylie is always there to whisper in her ear “It will be ok.” She really enjoys reading books to her while she sits in her bouncer chair and tells her wonderful stories. Doing things like taking a bath, reading bed time stories on her bed as a family of 4, or holding Rael in our arms while we all play tag brings so much joy to Laylie and she is loving her little sister more and more. I am so thankful and I will continue to pray daily for their special relationship. What a true gift to have – a true best friend forever. Just like me and my sisters.


  1. Sooo sweet... Rael is just so tiny and precious. Loved holding her today and giving her love! And it was just so precious watching Sammy & Laylie both hold baby Rael... :) Love you guys!