Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Monday, September 27, 2010

Walking in the sand

Today it hit the high 90’s. My friend, Sierra, and I decided to pack up our cars and head down to the beach with our little ones in tow. As I sat under the umbrella there was a nice cool breeze and it was absolutely beautiful. I could have stayed at the beach all day and would have enjoyed every second of it. Laylie had tons of fun playing with her sand toys, hanging out with her little friends; touching her toes in the freezing cold water and just enjoying the sun. Today, she tried something new….Walking in the sand. She did so well but did have a nice face-dive. She got right back up with no crying and started walking again like nothing happened. What a champ!! Here is what our little peanut looked like after she kissed the sand. So cute!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Up and Walkin...

Are you ready for this folks??? Laylie J. is WALKING!!! She has been taking a few steps here and there. We know in a few short weeks she will be running and walking will be a natural thing for our little one. We are just so thrilled and we love watching her do new things. It is fun to watch her little wobbly body and shaky feet move so fast before she loses her balance and falls. With a big smile she gets right back up and tries to do it all over again. We are extremely proud of our little peanut. I was thinking if I did the amount of squats she does every day, I would have the best looking legs and butt ever. She inspires me! I just love this stage of Laylie’s life and I am so blessed she is my little girl. Thank you Jesus!

Now it’s time for you to watch little Laylie and see what joy we are having with this new milestone in her life. Enjoy!

On Friday, Laylie had her very own first special treat. A RED POPSICLE!! Here are some pictures before eating the treat and after, where the popsicle was in her tummy and all over her face. So cute!!

Yummy! All Done!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Laylie and LocoMoco

Laylie has a special friend named LocoMoco. This little friend of Laylie’s is the sweetest and cutest little chicken ever. Jason’s parents built the coolest chicken coop with 12 chickens roaming the land. They are hoping for more than a dozen eggs a day. We just love visiting her chick and watching her grow into the most beautiful chicken. She was the tiniest little yellow chick and now she has grown into a fancy gal with beautiful feathers and all. LocoMoco is a Frizzle chicken and her name means Hawai’ian hamburger with a fried egg on top! Here are some pictures of Laylie with her buddy LocoMoco and thanks to Mamoe and Grandad for blessing Laylie with her sweet little friend.

As a baby Chick -

Growing up into a young chicken -