Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Daddy and His Daughters

Special Daddy & Daughter Dates that will continue forever - 

Friday night dinner to Islands and Walmart for a special toy

And for the big sister - Saturday breakfast at Pancake House and creating a Home Depot craft

May this Father and Daughters bond always be a tight knot that will never be undone.

Our newborn Son

My sister, Lisa came over to our home when Holton was 4 days old. She spent hours taking the most precious pictures of our tiny Holton Peter. These photos will be treasured forever and I am beyond blessed. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our 4 Month Old

Holton is 4 months old and he truly has stolen all of our hearts. I adore him more than words can express and I am just so in love. The way I hold him close and smell his little body, the way he smiles and giggles at me, and the way he is just so content with this world, makes me just adore him even more. This month has been a big one and our little family gets to see so many changes as he grows. He is now smiling and screaming in delight, and he talks all the time and laughs when you tickle him. He enjoys sitting in the bumbo, playing on his tummy time mat, and bouncing in the entertainment bouncer. He is truly a delight, the easiest baby yet, and doesn't fuss unless he wants to be held, fed, or go to sleep. Holton is our snuggler and still falls asleep in anyone's arms. He is a good sleeper and wakes up only once in the night. His big sisters are enjoying having a baby brother and are fully adjusted to life with a little one in our home. Laylie likes to dance with him, hold him, and carry him from room to room. Rael is the best at keeping him happy and trying to get his attention. We all are in love and we can't wait to watch him grow and do new things in these next few months.

School is starting...

We started our first home-school day and it was a complete JOY! 

Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays I get the honor of teaching Laylie her Kindergarten work as well as some Preschool for Rael. Tuesdays and Wednesdays Laylie will be going to a Charter School down the street. Today, Laylie was all grown up as she was hanging her backpack up on the hooks and finding her desk with her name placed on it. She was so brave not knowing anyone but she was thrilled to go and be there. Time flies...where has time gone?  

We are in awe of how wonderful and such a blessing our two treasures are. 

Being 3 & Having Faith

Our Rael Gracelynn always makes us giggle with the cutest things she says:

As she twirls around the living room, kicking up her feet like she is dancing in the wind....

"I miss God, I want to see him and give him a big kiss. Oh, I wish I had wings so I fly up to him. And when I die, God will shoot me with a wand and have me go to heaven"

I love this child and I love her child-like faith.