Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Having Fun as Time passes...

These past few weeks we have been preparing for the arrival of Holton Peter and enjoying our last few moments together as a family of four. Laylie and Rael are enjoying the days being sisters - playing together and doing anything and everything with each other. Playing pretend school, playing with their doll house (Rael calls this "mommy-daddy's"), building castles out of blocks, crafting, having tea parties. We all have been loving the outdoors like swimming, going to the beach and slipping on the slip-n-slide. Being 5 year old and a 2 year old together = Life is good!

Rael's latest funny saying:
When her feet fall alseep she lets us all know by saying, "my feet are so hungry"  

Building Love For The Newest...

When a new life is growing inside of my belly, and we've found out what we are having and decided what the name will be, we always make a special trip to build a special stuffed animal for our sweet baby. Friday afternoon the girls and I met Jason during his lunch break at Build A Bear. The girls picked out an adorable grey elephant for Holton that matched his room perfectly. They stuffed, washed, snuggled and named the little elephant. As a family, we recorded our voices on a little device that was stuffed inside of "Big Grey" telling Holton how much we love him and adore him. It was fun for Jason and I to remember a few years back when we headed to the mall just the two of us for Laylie's little bunny, and then a few years after that including little Laylie's voice for Rael's teddy bear. Now, we have both of our girls each helping us make one for our new baby boy. Traditions are so much fun and it is wonderful to watch our girls experience the joy of it all as well.

When Jason, Laylie and I built Rael's special teddy bear a couple years ago...

And Before that...When Jason and i built Laylie's special bunny that started the tradition...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Capturing our growing Holton Peter...

A baby has a special way of adding JOY in every single day! 

Thank you Lisa for taking these precious photos of our growing family. The moments that you always capture will last forever with us. We are so thankful and you are truly so talented. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tea Time For Our Little Boy..

This past Sunday afternoon was a moment I have been looking forward to for a long time - Afternoon Tea at The Grand Tea House with all of my family gals. It truly was such a special, wonderful, and joyous time as they all showered Holton and I with so many blessings and love. I soaked up each passing second, sipping tea and eating the most delicious scones, little sandwiches, and tiny desserts with all of the ladies I love so dearly. Every little detail that was created for Holton touched my heart and even brought tears to my eyes. During tea, I looked over at my big girl Laylie as I poured her some peach tea and thought to myself that she looked so grown up in her beautiful dress and being so proper. I love noticing little memories like these and making them last. Mom, Jessica, and Jillian, thank you for making this moment happen - a day I adore so much and I will be forever thankful. I love you and I am thanking the Lord for two amazing sisters and a Mom that I love so much. Holton's Tea gathering was magical!