Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Holton's Baby Shower

This past Saturday I was extremely blessed and loved on by all my close friends and family as they showered our little boy with so much love and thoughtfulness. My sister Lisa and two of my very special friends Kelly and Sierra threw me the most amazing baby shower with the cutest detailed decorations, beautiful flowers all around the home, and fun baby games. We all had tasty food, yummy drinks, and fancy party favors. Our baby boy was showered with so many gifts that I could not wait to open. It was a perfect day - I will always remember this moment forever. I always feel so over-joyed when the people I love so dearly celebrate a brand new baby that is coming into my life. It means the world to me and I am so grateful for times like these. After the shower, I got home and had fun unwrapping each gift again and placing all of the wonderful things in Holton's nursery. I enjoyed looking at all of the tiny things that had colors that a baby boy would like and daydreaming about this little man coming into our lives so soon. What a Joy!  


Thank you Lisa, Sierra and Kelly for making this day so special for our baby boy! 
It was such a wonderful shower and Jason and I can't thank you enough for your love. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring is Coming...

We have been enjoying the last few weeks hanging out together as a family, going on adventures, learning new things, and having fun.

Jason has been enjoying taking the girls to Home Depot on Saturday mornings where the girls make awesome wood crafts all by themselves. They hammer, paint, glue, and sticker their cool projects with a little help from daddy. It has been one of their highlights that they look forward to at the end of each week. It is always so great to see them so happy with their accomplished work and showing me all that they have created.

Laylie is growing up fast and with that she is losing her teeth. She now has the cutest toothless smile and doesn’t even mind eating a whole apple without them. Her cousin Samuel is right along with her, losing the same teeth at the same time. Too cute!

As always, our two girls are inseparable and can’t live without each other. They continue to have long conversations about life, play for hours together, and always look out for one another. It really is such a joy to see their special tight sisterly bond.

We are looking forward to this beautiful Spring and Summer that is coming our way! 

32 Weeks & Counting...

My belly is growing and Holton is getting bigger each and every day. Rael now pulls up my shirt from time to time and says “Wow, getting bigger!” which always makes this mama giggle. It is a true conformation when my belly is being noticed by a 2 year old. I now can feel Holton’s elbow jabs, heel stretches and knee pokes – it always catches me by surprise, but I love knowing he is inside of me as comfortable as he can be. We are getting really excited to have a baby in our home to cuddle and love and we can’t believe he’ll be here in 8 short weeks. We adore you so much, baby boy, and we are all talking about what you might look like and what your personality is going to be like. It’s going to be fun to have lots of trucks, trains, and boy things laying around this girly house. We are praying daily for our little gentleman! 

Jason's best friend since Kindergarten is having a little baby boy as well. Mine and Tisha's due dates are only 8 days apart. It has been so much fun being pregnant with a friend and having our husbands dream about their little boys being buddies. Holton already has a best friend for life! 

We Have a Super Cool Uncle...

We are so proud of Uncle Tim! He worked and studied so hard for 4 months straight everyday training to be a fire-fighter at the San Diego Fire Academy. It’s not easy and it’s a ton of intense work, but we are thrilled to say, “He DID IT!” We are so excited for you, Tim, and we can’t be happier for you – way to go!

Days before Tim’s big graduation his fire academy hosted a “family night” where the families ate a big pizza dinner together and then watched the most crazy things that each firefighter has been working so hard to accomplish. We were able to watch Tim climb the hook and ladder with a chain-saw attached his side, repel from a three story building, open up a car door that was sealed shut from a bad crash with the “jaws of life,” and watch him climb a ladder to the top of a burning building to tear an opening on top of the roof. The whole family enjoyed every minute watching each display unfold…especially Laylie and Rael. It was a night that we will always talk about. How awesome Uncle Tim and Uncle Chris are for being firefighters and saving lives! We are blessed!!!

So Proud!!