Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, March 12, 2015

We Have a Super Cool Uncle...

We are so proud of Uncle Tim! He worked and studied so hard for 4 months straight everyday training to be a fire-fighter at the San Diego Fire Academy. It’s not easy and it’s a ton of intense work, but we are thrilled to say, “He DID IT!” We are so excited for you, Tim, and we can’t be happier for you – way to go!

Days before Tim’s big graduation his fire academy hosted a “family night” where the families ate a big pizza dinner together and then watched the most crazy things that each firefighter has been working so hard to accomplish. We were able to watch Tim climb the hook and ladder with a chain-saw attached his side, repel from a three story building, open up a car door that was sealed shut from a bad crash with the “jaws of life,” and watch him climb a ladder to the top of a burning building to tear an opening on top of the roof. The whole family enjoyed every minute watching each display unfold…especially Laylie and Rael. It was a night that we will always talk about. How awesome Uncle Tim and Uncle Chris are for being firefighters and saving lives! We are blessed!!!

So Proud!! 

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