Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring is Coming...

We have been enjoying the last few weeks hanging out together as a family, going on adventures, learning new things, and having fun.

Jason has been enjoying taking the girls to Home Depot on Saturday mornings where the girls make awesome wood crafts all by themselves. They hammer, paint, glue, and sticker their cool projects with a little help from daddy. It has been one of their highlights that they look forward to at the end of each week. It is always so great to see them so happy with their accomplished work and showing me all that they have created.

Laylie is growing up fast and with that she is losing her teeth. She now has the cutest toothless smile and doesn’t even mind eating a whole apple without them. Her cousin Samuel is right along with her, losing the same teeth at the same time. Too cute!

As always, our two girls are inseparable and can’t live without each other. They continue to have long conversations about life, play for hours together, and always look out for one another. It really is such a joy to see their special tight sisterly bond.

We are looking forward to this beautiful Spring and Summer that is coming our way! 

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