Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Friday, November 25, 2016

Welcome Baby Bennett

Welcome sweet baby Bennett Taylor! I had the honor of being there once again for my sister Lisa's birth. He is the sweetest and most adorable little baby boy. Can't wait to watch him grow and be a part of his life. We love him so!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Capturing Our Family at Sunset

Our family took some special photos at the beach during sunset a few weeks back. They were all shot by my amazing sister Lisa and we are always so grateful for her talent. We cherish these pictures more than words can say and we wanted to share them with you! 

Holton is 18 Months...

Holton Peter - we all adore you! You steal our hearts and we just melt with your cuteness. You make us laugh all the time with the funny things you say or do. You just recently gave up your paci and are learning to be a big boy toddler. You enjoy the outdoors, climbing on everything, reading books, getting into the snack cabinet, and playing with your toys. You have a very special bond with Daddy and get so excited when he comes home from work. You were the most adorable little elephant for Halloween and you are going to be an awesome big brother soon. Everyone in our family calls you "buddy". We love you!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Ticking Time Clock

Each day that goes by, this home school mama of three seems to wake up early and notice the days go by too quickly. Sometimes I may have a list of to dos that need to be completed, or even simply call a friend to chat on the phone - but lately they seem to be pushed back further and further from time to time. I go to bed trying to think to myself, "The things that matter most here in our home is that our children are happy, the little ones are learning, our marriage is great, and our goal each day is to shine for the Lord" - if I see that happening in our home, rather than other things being completed, then everything else can wait - right? 

With that, let's go back a few months in our life with a very long post and see what all has happened. Summer ended, and fall began. 

Laylie started 1st grade and Rael started Preschool. They love their teachers, friends, classrooms, and like having home school days with Mom too. Holton hangs out and has fun being 1! On Wednesdays, Jason gets to work from home to help with school pick ups and drop offs. We all love his presence and Holton thinks he gets to work right alongside him.

I got the honor of throwing my sister Lisa's baby shower, and it was such a lovely time gathering with all of her close friends and family while showering her baby boy with love and gifts. 

Laylie turned 7! Oh my goodness our sweet angel is growing up. We can't do life without our oldest, and she is truly the most tender, loving, compassionate, driven, and helpful little girl we know. She melts our hearts in so many ways. This year, I can tell she isn't just a little girl - she is becoming one of my best friends. Laylie is just so much fun to have long, life conversations with, to go shopping together, or even lay around the house playing a board game. She is our little baker. Every weekend consists of some fun baking competition with a judge, and the show Cupcake Wars is watched throughout the week. She requested a little family baking competition for her birthday, and that is what we did! We had so much fun shopping together, coming up with ideas, and creating a really fun birthday time on her real birthday evening. She was delighted the whole time. We love you Laylie J! 

Each October we head to our annual White Family Julian Trip and we had a beautiful time once again. The weather was perfect this year, and each year, as all of the grandchildren grow, it gets so much more fun. It's amazing how well they play together and love on one another. The adults of course soaked up the fun dessert and game nights while the kids were upstairs in bed. The ladies participated our annual Julian Tea where Laylie joined us this time and she said it was one of her highlights. I smiled many times looking over at her and watching her be so grown up, sipping her tea, and chatting with her two older girl cousins. Grandad and all of the dads took the others to a real Julian gold mine for a tour, and then gold panning to hunt for some really cool gemstones. Each Julian trip we get to celebrate Laylie's birthday, and she is thrilled about it every time. She always feels so cherished by all of the cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles during this time. We look forward to this adventure each year. 

Great times playing at home, going on private tours to the fire station and honey house.

Jason won 4 tickets to Disneyland on the radio!! What? Yes, free! We made a family trip for 3 fun days to Disneyland and we had the greatest time and made many wonderful memories. The kids did awesome, Disneyland was magical and it was the best day. 

Halloween was fun! Our three dressed up as an elephant, a zebra and a safari girl. We had some friends and family come over for some homemade chili, snacks, and drinks, before we headed out to trick-or-treat around our neighborhood. It was a blast and we had the greatest time with everyone.

And saving the best news for last - we are having a BABY!!! Baby #4 is on the way! We feel so happy, and our hearts are so thrilled to be adding another little blessing to our family. 16 weeks! 

Due: April 24th 2017 

Fresh squeezed orange juice 
Veggie Spring Rolls
Chicken Soup 

First Flutter: November 10th 

Boy or girl: We are waiting until the baby is born...we can't wait to see who God is creating. 

Thank you Lord for each day and we are so grateful!!! Keep you updated with more soon to come....