Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Holton Peter White

Holton Peter, your Mama, Papa and big sisters are getting excited for the day we get to meet you. We talk and pray for you every single day and love you so much already. We made your nursery perfect for a special baby boy and we are anxiously awaiting your sweet arrival. Keep growing big and strong little man! 

Your Mama is really looking forward to: rocking you, singing to you, reading to you and holding you in this little space we have created. 

Laylie's Crazy Hair Day

Laylie had crazy hair day at school and we had so much fun creating her hair-masterpiece. Two crazy buns for nests with colorful painted sticks, lots of pink feathers, flowers and two birds that sit perfectly on top. Laylie loved it and we had tons of fun watching everyone's expression when they saw her hair-do. Rael of course had to join in the fun too. Cheers to the Oh-So-Cute Hair!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Snow Day & Sharing a Room

After lots of rain in San Diego and snow falling just a few miles away, we had to make a trip to the mountains to play in the snow. All of my siblings called and texted each other the plans. We all gathered up snow gear from our friends and packed our cars for a fun adventure. We met early in the morning and headed up to Laguna mountain. When we arrived, the ground was blanketed with beautiful white snow, and the air was clean, crisp, and cold. We all bundled up until we could barely move our bodies and we ran to the biggest sledding hill we could find. We had so much fun sledding down the mountain with screams, joy and smiles filling the air. I was the camera lady since I have a big round tummy and probably couldn't handle all of that fun. It was entertaining to see each kid experience the snow a little differently: Rael just sat in the snow and didn't move much, and she mentioned many times that she would like to go back to the car.  I couldn't help giggling as I watched her move like a lilac puff ball. I always knew Rael was my beach "love the sun" kinda girl. Laylie couldn't get enough of sledding and was having the best time along with her cousins, aunts, and uncles. I always knew Laylie was my winter kinda girl and doesn't like the sand on her toes or the cold ocean water. It made it clear to Jason and I that they may be sisters, but they are unique and definitely different from each other. We had the greatest day being together, laughing a ton, and enjoying our white winter wonderland in the mountains. 

With a sweet baby boy on the way, we had to make some room in the nursery for him. Jason and I decided it was a perfect time to have the girls share a room. They were counting down the days and completely excited about the idea of being together. I always shared a room with my sisters and it is a wonderful memory that I cherish deeply. My sisters and I would spend each night chatting about our day at school, boys that we liked, life's adventures that seemed hard to us at the time, or make up silly games in bed. I am hoping that Laylie and Rael will have the greatest time being together, just like their mama and aunties had. After coming up with the idea, we drove to a big furniture store where I picked out some adorable cottage style beds and dressers, and designing a room for my two little girls. I can't believe how fast Rael is growing up and that she is now sleeping in a big girl bed. Jason and I are excited to watch our girls grow up together, sharing everything from friends, to clothes, to accessories, and especially good times. 

~ Sisters are a gift from above ~

Enjoying the Spirit of Christmas

Laylie had her big Christmas school program. She did a fantastic job and we were so proud of her being so awesome on stage. She sang her 3 songs beautifully with all of the hand motions, and she did the best job as the yellow bell ringer during her hand bell performance. She was so thrilled to have Grandma, Auntie Nicole, G.G., Mamoe, and Grandma June be there to watch her perform. It was such a joy! 

As the girls are getting older, they are really enjoying looking at Christmas lights. Anytime we were out and about driving home from somewhere we would "ooh" and "ahh" over the homes we passed by. My sister Lisa thought of a fun idea to get the family to all head up to Long Beach to look at their amazing Christmas lights. After a long drive, we walked around for a couple of hours looking at million dollar homes on the bay. We had the greatest night and we saw so many beautiful decorations while having so much fun with our family. 

Celebrating Christmas & It's a BOY!!

Christmas Eve was wonderful again this year. The girls are another year older, and it was a joy to continue to teach them the reason for Christmas, and a love for this holiday. Laylie and I had a moment on her bed the day before Christmas Eve, she was having a hard time dealing with being ungrateful. We talked for a long time, as she sat on my lap, that there are times when we can get too focused on all of the gifts, all of the fun events, or even a fat man named Santa, but we always need to be thinking about the true meaning of Christmas: our sweet Savior's birth that happened all those years ago.

On Christmas Eve, we had a super fun day celebrating with the Troncone family with our traditions: playing board games earlier in the day, eating a tasty dinner by the fire, and singing Christmas carols while Jason played his guitar. My parents' home was decorated from top to bottom with beautiful Christmas decor. Later that night, the children performed an adorable manger scene play, acted out by all of the cousins with Laylie playing Mary and Rael as an angel. All of us opened up our gifts, and before we left my parents' house we did our last tradition - one at a time we lit a candle and said a birthday gift we wanted to give to God this year before passing the light to the next person. It's always wonderful to leave Christmas Eve remembering reason for the season. 

Christmas day we had a great time being with our little family in our new home. The girls woke up early and we did our annual Christmas morning photo on the stairs. We enjoyed opening up gifts with Christmas music playing softly in the background. There was a wonderful smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven and Christmas lights were shining brightly from the tree and garlands. The best part of the morning was....we found out that we are having a baby BOY!!! We cannot believe it and we are so overjoyed. As we opened up the envelope on Christmas morning, screams of delight came from the girls and I and tears of joy came from Jason. We can't wait to meet our little son and bring him into our family. We are getting really excited to meet him and hold him. After all of the excitement, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, ate a tasty breakfast around our dining room table, and the girls had fun riding their new bikes and scooters outside. Later in the evening, Mamoe and Grandad joined us for dinner, dessert, and Christmas light looking around the neighborhood. We surprised them with a red little box with Jason's tiny blue shoes he wore when he was a newborn to tell them they are having a grandson. It was a perfect day! 

The Christmas celebration didn't end - on Saturday, we gathered together with the White Family. We had a fantastic time being with family, laughing, relaxing, and enjoying Christmas. We all sat around the tree opening up gifts and having great time opening up Mamoe's punch boxes - a gift card game she invented a few years back where we punch our hands into a tissue paper covered box and pull out a random gift card. We had another wonderful surprise...Jason's sister Jillian is pregnant with their 5th! We are so happy for them and for our little boy to have a cousin only 3 months younger than him.

 It is going to be such a great year and I am looking forward to seeing it all unfold. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years - we're sending our greetings to you all!