Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Hero

My dad and Laylie have this wonderful bond. She adores her Grandpa and has ever since she was tiny. Every time we enter into their home, she is thrilled to see him and play with him. He will hold her in his arms while she strokes his soft hair or snuggles up to him while he tells her stories.  It truly is the sweetest thing and it makes me so happy that my little girl loves her Grandpa. My dad has a heart of gold and he is always thinking of his grandchildren. One thing that Laylie is so happy about that her grandpa blessed her with is "earmuffs". Thanks to my awesome and loving dad, this gift has been the perfect touch to Laylie's heart and she now has less fear. As all of you know, Laylie is very scared of loud noises...and Wednesday, also known as Gardener Day, is a rough one for our Laylie. However, thanks to Grandpa, now she can put on her earmuffs and be brave enough to not be in mama's arms all day - and get this - actually wave hi over the fence while the gardeners mow our greenbelt! Thank you Dad! You truly are an amazing father and grandfather. We all love and adore you and Laylie thinks you are a hero.

Fun times of Laylie & her Grandpa

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