Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hula and Graduating

Every Tuesday, evening at 4pm, Jason and I would take turns taking Laylie to her hula class. She absolutely loved going and the best part of her hula class was that she was able to dance with her cousin Leia. There wasn't an evening where Laylie didn't want to attend class and was always ready with her bag in hand when the time came. During class, it was so darling to see her focus so hard with learning the dances, moving her hips, and her feet. After a few months of practicing once a week, she had the opportunity to perform at the Del Mar Fair. We arrived early at the Fair where we rode on some rides, drank some lemonade, saw the animals, and went on a pony ride. The family met up with us and we had a terrific time celebrating Laylie's hula day, and being with family.

At 6pm, Laylie, Leia and her Auntie Jessica dressed in their hula costumes and danced their routines. It was a beautiful show and so wonderful to see. Laylie and Leia looked adorable and Jessica truly has an amazing talent in dancing hula and has been dancing since she was Laylie's age.

Laylie, we are so proud of you and always love watching you shine on stage. A big thank you to Momoe and Grandad for making hula happen for Laylie - they gifted Laylie with the hula classes and costumes. Thanks to their amazing gift, she will always have a wonderful memory of dancing with her cousin and Auntie.

Also, this past Wednesday Laylie graduated from her 4 year old preschool. We are so proud of our little angel and can't believe how fast time is passing.  

Yay for Laylie!! 

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