Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friends at their front doors

We are truly so blessed by the greatest neighbors, the Mejias. They are the sweetest, most loving, and caring friends. I feel so blessed because we can always count on each other from little things, like eggs or milk to finish a recipe, to big things, like babysitting each others little ones. The greatest part is they have the cutest little girl named Kapri that Laylie just adores. These girls were friends since birth and love playing together. The last few weeks have been so fun to watch these little girls grow their friendship and really realizing that it is a blast to hang out with each other. If Laylie hears a little peep from the Mejias home she looks towards our front door and says "Kapri!" Every time we leave our house, Laylie is hoping to stop by their house to say hello to Kapri or even ask her to come out and play. The best part of it all is that they spend a few minutes each day yelling through our front screen doors to each other. They tell each other about what they see, repeating each other, playing copy-cat and laughing with each other. It is so cute and so fun to watch. I get such a joy that Laylie has such a sweet friend that is only steps away. Soon enough they will be playing for hours and spending the night at each others houses. Thank you James, Calista and Kapri for being the greatest neighbors, and for being a dream come true for Laylie, to have a close friend that lives across the way.

Laylie at our front door chatting with Kapri..

The spot where they do all their talking...(There's Kapri's door)

A picture of Laylie's sweet friend Kapri and her beautiful Mama...

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