Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Monday, October 29, 2012

Audra & Petie

I always thought it was funny when a kid had a special and unique friend that they have never even really met. Well, our little Laylie has two very special friends named Audra and Petie. Yes, they are her imaginary friends that she talks about daily, eat dinner with us, and they even have birthday parties that she can't wait to go to.

The other night when Jason was putting her to bed, Laylie said "I can't find Audra!" Jason, not knowing what to do, looked at all of her stuffed animals and noticed that one was indeed missing. A quick search turned up her smallest stuffed animal, a little fuzzy brown bear. "Audra!!" Laylie was so happy to see her stuffed animal. Perhaps another piece to the puzzle?

At times it makes me giggle or smile knowing that these two little friends are involved in our lives. I must say, it is fun to see Laylie really use her imagery skills and come up with stories.

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  1. Except she really does have a friend named Audra! :) Audra was asking the other day if she could go walk by the fire station with Laylie. We need to have you three over to play soon! Xo