Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Friday, November 30, 2012

Rael is 5 Months...

Rael is 5 months!

She is turning into the sweetest and most jolly little girl. She enjoys watching and playing with her big sister, Laylie. Anytime she is sad or unhappy, Laylie is right there to shake a rattle or act silly to make her giggle. She is sleeping through the night now - 10 hours straight, and taking 3 naps throughout the day. She is starting to taste and eat her first food - homemade peas. She loves to eat and doesn't mind the greens. Laylie can't resist helping feed her and does a great job getting more peas in her mouth than on her bib. Rael is a big smiler and giggles when she is happy. She is still rolling around everywhere and is learning how to sit on her own, but is still pretty wobbly. She loves sucking on her toes and giving everyone big opened mouth kisses. I can't believe it will be a half a year next month. Time sure goes by fast, and I am loving each and every moment. Happy 5 months, sweet baby girl!

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