Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Laylie's 1st Christmas Program

Laylie had her very first important Christmas program at her preschool this week. She was the "star" of the show and was so proud to wear a white outfit, sparkly yellow halo, and a big yellow star necklace. She did such a great job singing her two songs - "I’m a special star on Christmas night" and "Look in the sky the wise men say" - and she even remembered all of the hand motions. It was so fun to see that she isn't shy on stage and that she enjoys performing in front of an audience. When she saw the church pew filled with her family, she was beaming and was so thrilled. We all loved watching her and we were all so proud of our little Laylie. After the program we had a wonderful lunch to celebrate at Rubio's. Great job Laylie!! You are our shining star and we are so glad that you, too, can lead the way to Jesus' birth!

Can you see Rael's 2 teeth?

Merry Christmas in 2 days!!! 

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