Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daddy/Daughter Day

Today was "Daddy & Daughter Day" at preschool and Laylie had a blast with Jason. She was counting down the days until she could bring her daddy to school and show him all of what she does throughout her days. She woke up really early and was eager to start the day. We enjoyed the morning as a family and ate breakfast together, and then Jason and Laylie were off on a fun day together. They played in the classroom - reading books, playing with play-doh, and they did some wonderful art work. They stamped their hands in purple ink and placed them on each side of this beautiful Daddy/Daughter poem, which is going to be laminated by Laylie's teacher Miss Wendy.  After that they made their way to a special room that was full of warming trays and wax crayons. As Jason held a piece of paper over the warming tray, Laylie colored with the wax crayons which were melting from the heat, which made a fabulous picture! Then Laylie took Jason outside to the playground, where she got to show him everything she does each day during recess.  Jason pushed Laylie on the swings, watched her paint another picture, road bikes together, and spent quite some time digging in the sand for treasures. Laylie came home completely overjoyed and thrilled - it was a perfect Daddy/Daughter day.

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  1. i'm completely & forever blessed that 4 of my 7 grandkidlets have had the same preschool experience as my children... miss sandi (preschool director) & all of us get the blessinf of such a rich heritage! jason, jessica rose, jillian.... then jason's girlies, jillian's boys (& girl) fun! it's an incredible, wonderful, lovely, amazing preschool! :-)

    & thank you, jason, for being such a good "uncle" (andrew, too) as you come alongside grandad, & support your sister's children on dad's day! xoxo