Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Saturday, April 6, 2013

He is Risen...Happy Easter

We had such a fun and wonderful Easter! We loved celebrating and remembering what our lovely Jesus did all those years ago and how he saved each one of us. It was so great to really explain to Laylie what Easter was all about by reading her little bible stories and doing resurrection eggs each night before bed. It made Jason and I really soak up the reason for Easter - Jesus is Risen!!

A couple of days before Easter, we went over to my parents' house where Laylie was able to decorate Easter cookies and dye eggs with her Grandma, Aunt Beth and GG. She had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it.

On Easter morning, Laylie and Rael woke up early and we started off on our scavenger hunt right away. I put clues all around the house the night before while the girls were sleeping and it was great to see Jason or I read the clue and have Laylie run to the next place to find another egg with a clue. At the very end...there were their surprise Easter baskets.

They also got the most awesome bag of Easter goodies from Jason's parents Mamoe and Grandad. They really spoiled our girls with all sorts of amazing gifts. Laylie enjoyed sorting through each and every gift and putting it in Rael's pile or Laylie's pile. Days later, they are still loving all of the things from that bag.

After getting ready for the day and putting on our Easter outfits and dresses, we headed to our home church, House United. We had a great time being with close friends, listening to a wonderful message, singing worship to our Savior, eating a yummy brunch, and even having an Easter egg hunt for all of the small kids. We left feeling so refreshed and happy.

Next, we were on our way to my parents' house. Tons of family were in town visiting and we loved being together and hanging out while we ate lunch, did another Easter egg hunt, and relaxed on my parents' lawn. It was such a joy filled day.

Last but not least, we stopped by Jason's grandma's house. We were able to spend some time with Jason's family and all of the cousins. We did one more egg hunt for the kids and enjoyed some delicious dessert. As we got into our car and called it a day, we were so thankful that we were able to spend it with such amazing friends and family celebrating the fact that our Jesus saved our sins by dying on the cross for us.

Laylie had spring break this week from Preschool so we did a few fun things...
We had just purchased Sea World passes, so we went with Auntie Jessica and cousins Leia, Sammy and Micah. It was crazy to see just how big Laylie is getting watching her running around everywhere doing all of the "big kid" things. I remember just last year we always had to stay in the baby section and I had to carry her practically everywhere. Wow, time is going by way too fast.

And, to end the week...I did the "Run or Dye 5k" today with my cousin Erin and two sisters Jessica and Jillian. It was a blast and so so crazy. We got so much dye on our clothes and we were covered from head to toe. Sometimes we could not even breathe because the clouds of dye were so thick, but we always would run right through it and scream with joy. We ran the whole 3.1 miles and felt so great afterwards. It was truly a blast and now we all want to do a ton of 5k's together.

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Spring Break.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a fun post! So many fun times!!! Okay, first of all, I love Laylie's morning hair on Easter morning. :) Its super cute and makes me smile! And I love that you caught a picture of Rael & Micah with his chocolate face after the Easter egg hunt! What a busy day your family had! And I had so much fun with you at SW & the 5K!!! :) Love you sweet sis!