Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bursting with Fun...

Laylie woke up from her nap, jumping up and down, and could not wait to go on a date with Uncle Tim and Auntie Lindsay. She got all dressed up in a cute pink dress, had her hair done up in piggy tails and put red shoes on her little feet. Her backpack was full of things she might need on the date, and she had the biggest smile on her face. She waved goodbye to me from Tim's car and off they went to see the movie Planes at the theater. She had the most amazing time and loved every minute of it. When someone loves your child and makes them feel like they are on top the world, it does something special to a parent's heart. When you love and care for your child every hour that goes by, and when you see someone else making them feel loved too - you feel so thankful. Tim and Lindsay, we are so grateful for you! Thank you for making Laylie's date so much fun. She will have a special bond with you two forever.

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