Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rael is 15 Months....

Rael is 15 months and is a complete ball of fun. Her personality is starting to show clearly even though she is still such a tiny person. If I had to describe our little girl in three personality traits it would be - fun, easy going, and loving, but to top it all off if I could add one more I would add a little pinch of feistiness. ;-) She is always on the move, and makes this mama so tired at the end of the day. At dinner time I sit down and I feel like one of those little babies you see so sleepy falling asleep into their dinner. I have to remind myself that I can't go to bed just yet because it's only 5pm. I am truly so happy to live this crazy, fun, non-stop life with my little Rael because I know it will slow down in time.

She is starting to talk and use cute words like: book, water, mama, dada, hi, bye, bye, ball, bird etc.
She can make some animal sounds like woof-woof, meow, tweet-tweet, and roar.
She loves dipping sauces and would eat a whole container of sour cream in one sitting if I let her.
She absolutely loves to sleep. She goes to bed at 6:30pm and wakes up very slowly around 8am, and even takes a long nap during the day.
She absolutely loves playing with her big sister Laylie.

She grunts at everything if she doesn't know the word and hopes that someone will understand what she wants.
She is extremely happy to do anything and go anywhere, but when she doesn't get her way, she will let us know by throwing herself on the floor and cry. (Yes, we are working with her on breaking this little habit, but oh man sometimes is it cute to watch)
She has the cutest little face and the most beautiful blue eyes that absolutely capture your heart.
She is a snuggler and melts into your arms while you rock her goodnight.
She enjoys books and points to the pictures when you say the word.
She loves her pacifier and Comfort Silkie blanket.

This summer her favorite place would be the beach. She had a blast splashing in the ocean, meeting everyone on the whole beach and getting so covered in sand that it took a week to fully clean every spot.
She has a big heart for animals. She can't get enough of dogs, cats or even birds.
She is a thrill seeker and is willing to do anything that looks scary. I think she gets this from her mama.
She climbs anything and everything - stairs, ladders, juggle gyms or anything that might look fun or get her a little higher.
She doesn't like to sit still, unlike her big sister laylie. Laylie would love circle time at "mommy & me" classes, but Rael can care less about singing and doing hand motions and would rather run around and play.
She tries hard to make people laugh and will do something over and over again if it got a giggle out of someone.
She is quick to say sorry and forgive by giving you a head bonk and a sweet kiss.

15 months is exciting, crazy and non-stop all in one. It's fun to watch her learn new things, say new words and watch her cute tiny body run from place to place. I hope I can bottle up all this crazy life with her as a toddler and never ever forget it. Man, I am spoiled to be her mama and so thankful to God for giving me this blessing.

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