Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's Christmas Time...

This year we got a Charlie Brown tree since we are moving in a few weeks. It's absolutely perfect! We had a wonderful time going to the Christmas tree lot down the road and we picked out the littlest tree there. The girls had a fabulous time decorating it while we listened to Christmas music, ate powdered donuts and had a fire in our fireplace. After decorating the tree, I hung our stockings on the white hutch and both our girls were jumping for joy for CHRISTMAS!!

Some new adventures....

Rael turned 18 months - 
She is talking now and her favorite word is "ya" 

Rael's hair is growing little bit by bit and she wore her very 1st piggy tails

Laylie had her very 1st trim after 4 long years of waiting for her curly blonde hair 

And...this big 18 month is now sitting at the table with us 

Sending our love as we get ready for Christmas! 

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  1. Friend!!!! You're supposed to call KACY when BIG things happen, like moving after 8 long years!!!!!!! If it wasn't so late I'd call you right now. WOOHOO! This is so exciting!! Call me! :)