Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Few Vacations to Look Back On...

In middle of September, we spent the weekend in Huntington Beach at the Hyatt Resort and Spa. We had the most awesome time laying by their pools each day, going down water-slides, be with my parents, soaking up the beautiful beaches, the weather and family time. 

My cousin Jackin is a life-guard in Huntington Beach so we were able to go in the lifeguard tower on the pier. We loved hearing about the lifeguard stations, the beach and seeing the ocean.  

Of course we had to stop at Ruby's on the Pier for some milkshakes. 

 Next up, was for Laylie's 6th Birthday she wanted to visit her close friend, Blythe. The first weekend in October, we packed the car and at 4am we were off on the 8 hour drive to San Francisco. All three kids did amazing on the drive. We were amazed! We had the greatest time visiting our friends, making memories and exploring San Francisco. We stopped at the coolest place called, Bravo Farms on the drive up and once we reached San Francisco we went to the Jelly Belly Factory, visited the city, went on a long bike ride, swam, ate yummy food, laughed and enjoyed every moment on our adventure. Laylie loved her birthday trip! 

And, our last annual trip - Julian with the White Family. We had a wonderful time! We loved spending the weekend playing, having tea at the tea house, shopping, gold mining and picking apples. We look forward to this weekend all year and it is really neat to watch the family grow bigger and see the kids getting older . I hope that this trip will continue forever. It is too much fun!

We are thankful and grateful we had some fun trips this year!

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