Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, July 21, 2016

May, June and Then Comes July...

On May 9th Holton Peter turned 1! We sang him Happy Birthday and gave him the biggest cupcake. The little boy that loves to eat enjoyed every bite. Our little man is the sweetest, goes with the flow, is an awesome eater, and just the cutest little guy. Our family can’t get enough of him and we are thrilled we have a 1 year old in the home now. At 14 months he is still crawling everywhere, but that doesn’t stop him from getting into anything and everything – cabinets, toilets, the fireplace, the girls’ special toys, and he always has so much fun exploring. He eats and eats and eats until Mama or Dada make the call on when to stop. He can’t sleep without his paci and Comfort Silkie blanket. His favorite words are: thank you, eat, Ba (for water), Mama, Dada, and ball, and he can also make the sound of a dog and a cow. On July 17th he took his first two steps and we think we will have a walking toddler in no time. Oh, we love him so!

We took a week-long trip to Zion National Park. It took us 8 hours to drive there and the kids did fantastic. We were so grateful and felt so blessed we were able to drive our new car which did wonderfully and we could easily fit all of our camping gear in the back. We had the greatest week being with some of our closest friends – playing in the river, riding bikes for countless hours, hiking beautiful trails, and just being out in the wilderness. Every year we get to camp with the Clarks and Barrons, and it was a special addition to have Lisa, Jon, Kaden and the Fink family join us this time as well. We talk about this trip all year long and our kids are already looking forward to it next year. So many fun times and memories with these sweet families!

Every Wednesday afternoon Rael participated in a Christian dance class where she learned an adorable dance to the song “I love Jesus better than Ice Cream”. She did a fantastic job on stage and we are so very proud of her. We had a couple of tickets so some of our family came with us and got to cheer her on and make her feel so loved. The best part was that every week at practice she was able to dance with her two close friends, Lily and Hensley. Rael – you are our shining star and we love your dancing spirit. You make us smile!

 On June 24th Rael turned 4! Chuck E. Cheese was her dream place this year. We had the table decorated for her and then later that afternoon had a family BBQ and topped it off with Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. Jason and I talked the other night on how we are seeing Rael blossom into the beautiful little girl she is becoming. We are watching her heart transform and we are so happy to see her grow into the little lady God is molding her to be. Her perfect blonde curls, stunning blue eyes, the way she is so good at letting us know what she wants, her love for others, her heart for the Lord and her passion for life are just a few things that we love about this little 4 year old.  

Every Wednesday evening after Rael’s dance class, Laylie would head to Awana, where she was able to learn so much about the Bible by memorizing Bible verses, playing games, doing crafts, and being with her cousins and friends. Jason and Uncle Andrew were leaders and it was such a special moment to spend together for all of them.

Summer has been tons of fun folks! Many days we wake up enjoying the morning, being in our pjs, and take the mornings slow, playing all day. Nowhere to be, no plans, no homeschooling and the sunshine pouring through the windows of our home = pure loveliness! The days we do adventure out are always a blast – swimming, beach, parks, playdates, and the most exciting thing - Legoland passes this year! We have had them for 6 days and we have already gone three times to ride the rides and go to the waterpark. My joy being a Mom right now is just playing with my kids and being a wonderful wife to Jason. I literally could do this every single day of my life until I die…I am living my dream. Summer makes it easy!

We hope you are having the BEST summer too!

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