Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A White Family Update...

We have been doing well and keeping busy at the White House.

Jason is always working hard for our family, the way he cares for us always blows me away. He got to switch things up these past two weeks attending a crazy case of jury duty and he continues to be the best daddy and husband anyone could dream of. 

Our Laylie J is flourishing at homeschool and is always weeks ahead of schedule, enjoying tons of art, learning the Cats Cradle game, Chinese jump rope, playing with her siblings, loves to be in the kitchen - baking or cooking, and her favorite thing to do is to have a baking competition. She is always a great friend at school and continues to be the greatest helper every single day. Those few times I just can't keep my eyes open she joyfully offers to care for the other two while this Mama naps quietly. I am so thankful for this awesome girl and she amazes me everyday with her heart. 

Our Rael - the funniest, spunky and cutest 4 year old there is. She is loving preschool, building legos, doing art, playing dolls, riding her scooter, and doing pretend school. She had her first very big boo-boo this week with a fall from the monkey bars at Preschool. We took her straight to the doctor and a few x-rays later showed she had fractured her elbow. She was so brave, strong, and took every moment like a champ. All the nurses and doctors wanted to take her home because of her cuteness. Rael picked a pink cast for four weeks and we are thanking the Lord there is no surgery needed. She is now back to herself learning to navigate with one arm while staying away from sand and water. She is our champ! 

Holton Peter, our handsome boy, he is our constant fun and the one who gets loads of physical touch all day long. He has vocal cords like every 1 year old, with two settings - loud and louder. He loves to go through all the cabinets in the kitchen, pulling every little thing out, getting a snack on his own anytime of the day, playing with play doh, puzzles, reading books, drawing, and hanging out with his sisters. He loves to sing, enjoys being outside, and runs pretty much everywhere. He got his first haircut by Grandad who used to cut Jason's hair when he was a little boy. He calls both of his sisters Rael and it makes us giggle each time. We can't get over his cuteness and big brown eyes.

This Mama - living and tackling every day that comes my way. Waking up each morning happy and so grateful for this life - my dream! With that - I am always playing with the kids, keeping up around the house, homeschooling, making sure people are fed, noses are wiped, getting on time to places like school and appointments, running errands, doing piles of laundry, enjoying play dates, cooking, and pretty much doing what all mamas do. I wouldn't have it any other way! We are getting excited as our baby #4 is growing so much more. I have hit 33 weeks and everything is going smoothly. I feel his/her movements more and more every day, we re-decorated all the kids' rooms and got the nursery all ready for this baby to come home to. We are counting down the weeks and waiting for this bundle of joy to join this adventurous family. That's all for now and we will continue to keep you posted with more events from the Whites soon. 

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