Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Bundle of Cuteness

Our baby girl is a TRUE GIFT and we are all in awe.... 
She is 3 months
A complete joy 
The happiest and easiest baby  
Sleeps 10 hours straight at night and is in her own room now
Coos and smiles that light up our hearts
Enjoys to be swaddled, have a paci and Comfort Silkie while drifting off to sleep
Her nightly routine is bath, nurse and snuggle on Daddy's chest 
We love her bright blue eyes and her fair skin
She is happy to be in her bouncy seat or held in our arms 
Nyla Jillian ~  you bring so much happiness, love and fullness to our family. We love watching you grow!

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  1. She's so pretty friend! So wish I got hold her in my arms everyday. Miss you terribly and love when you post little pieces of your day here. :)