Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Time

We had the most wonderful Christmas. We celebrated 3 days straight with family which we loved. As we do every year, on Christmas Eve we celebrated with my whole Troncone family and had the most special time. We gathered together for a lovely Christmas Eve service at Lisa and Jon’s new church in San Marcos where we sang Christmas carols and got into the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas….Jesus’ birth and the glory we get from Him being born. Throughout the night Jason and I would say to each other, “What do you think Mary was doing right now?” “What do you think Joseph and Mary are thinking right now?” I really thought about Mary and Jesus this season and I truly feel so blessed that God saved each and every one of us. Thank you Lord for giving us the best Christmas gift we could ever receive.

We headed back to my parents house for our Christmas gathering. My parent’s house is truly a Christmas wonderland with beautiful white lights and gorgeous Christmas decorations throughout every square inch of their house. We ate a delicious dinner, my mom read a Christmas story and we opened gifts from each other. It was so fun to watch Laylie open each gift from her aunts, uncles and grandparents and play with every gift she had opened. She got a sweet baby doll cradle, clothes and some super fun toys. We absolutely enjoyed every minute being with our family and cherished all the special moments that we had throughout the night. It was a perfect Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning we woke up super early (thanks to our beautiful daughter…maybe she knew it was Christmas) and we captured Laylie walking down the stairs looking at the lights of the tree and the shining gifts underneath. The three of us gathered around our small Charlie Brown Christmas tree to open our stockings and presents. We sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus as we ate a pancake breakfast and read a story of his birth. I really soaked up the time we had together and adored being with the two most treasured people in my life on such a special day.

The next two days we celebrated Christmas Day and the day after Christmas with the White’s. We had the yummiest dinner and breakfast that we all took part in and savored every bite. Laylie really loved being with her 4 cousins and playing with all of their new and greatest toys. She received some amazing things too which she has been playing with ever since we brought them home with us. We had such a magnificent time on Christmas day. We are so thankful for our families and this wonderful Christmas of 2010.

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