Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Building "Little Bear"

When I was pregnant with Laylie, Jason and I made her a special stuffed animal from Build a Bear and we put our voices in it. That evening at Build a Bear, now over 3 years ago, we picked out a super soft bunny to match her garden themed room and placed it in her crib until she arrived. Basil the bunny is one of her most cherished items and Laylie loves to play our voices over and over again that reassure her that her Mama and Dada love her.

So, this past weekend we headed down to our beautiful outdoor mall, Fashion Valley, and went to Build a Bear to make a special teddy bear for our sweet Rael. Laylie picked out the softest little teddy for Rael and named him “Little Bear.” We spent some time recording our voices and telling Rael how much we adore her. Laylie filled the teddy with fluff, placed a sweet little heart in the teddy and even made a birth certificate. Little Bear is now sitting in the corner of Rael’s crib, eagerly awaiting her to enter the world. We had a wonderful day making a special teddy for Rael that she will adore forever.
Here we are making "Little Bear" for Rael

Here is Jason and I 3 years ago making "Basil the Bunny" for Laylie

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