Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rael is 7 Months...

Our Rael is 7 months!

I feel like this last month she has grown up so fast and she is accomplishing so much. She now can crawl anywhere and everywhere. She enjoys getting on all fours, flying through the air, and then landing right on her belly. She now has the nickname "little seal".

Rael can pick up her own food all by herself and gets really excited if you place little puffs on her tray or even pieces of cooked egg yolk. It's so cute to watch her chew the little pieces with her tiny teeth.

She has her two bottom teeth and now is getting her top four.  They look like they are going to pop any day now! Her adorable little smile makes anyone and everyone smile right back.

She is now making some sweet sounds like "dada" which makes Jason so proud, even though we aren't quite sure yet if she is meaning Jason, or if she is just practicing.

Rael is now our best sleeper and sleeps from 7pm to 7am and we are loving it.

She still is my little petite baby, weighing in at 13.6 pounds, which makes her 7% in weight and 26 inches in height. I love it when her little body melts into my arms when she is tired, and when she looks at me with her big blue eyes the world just seems to fade away. 

We love our little Rael and can't wait to see what her 7th month will bring. I'm sure more joy, happiness, and love.  

7 Month Doctor Visit

Dressed up as "Tinker-Bell" for Disney on Ice with friends

Hanging out with her best friend - Laylie

 First time playing in the sand

Bedtime stories are the best

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