Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Lovee

We had our very first parent teacher conference at Laylie's preschool. Jason and I were so excited to meet with Laylie's teacher, Miss Wendy, and hear all about our little girl. Jason came home from work to meet me at the house, and we left our two girls with Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Tim. As we entered the preschool doors, I was a little nervous. It was our first parent teacher meeting and I did not really know what to think. We walked up to Laylie's classroom where her teacher was waiting by the door, and she greeted us and invited us to come in and sit with her. We sat across from her in these cute little preschool chairs, and she then began to share some extremely wonderful things with us about our little girl. She told us that Laylie is the youngest in her class but she is her #1 helper and her "go to" girl, and that she loves to help clean up. She said that Laylie also enjoys playing dress up, reading books, and playing with her friend Bailey. Laylie is so smart and helps everyone find their name tags and placemats, since she can read everyone's name. Miss Wendy then pulled out a piece of paper that had a straight line and a curvy line, and each line had been carefully cut out with scissors. She said that in 14 years of teaching at the preschool, never has she seen a three year old with such scissor cutting skills! Also, Laylie is an amazing girl, and that she is really behaved and a good listener. Hearing all these words made me want to raise my hands up in the air and yell, "that's my girl!" I am thankful to God for letting us raise his daughter. Jason and I will continue to teach her about Him, and let her be a light wherever she goes - especially her classroom. We walked out the two doors of her preschool as extremely proud parents and it truly was a good day being parents to such an outstanding preschooler. 
 Here is Laylie's work that she gave us that day: 
Her drawing of her self portrait 
All about Laylie 
Her amazing scissor cutting ability 
We love you Laylie! We are so proud of you! Continue being a light in this world - you are doing such a good job. 

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  1. LOL... "I live next to: Pre's" house...hahahaha love that!!! WAY TO GO LAYLIE!!!