Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Week of Camping

A few months ago we began putting together plans for a super fun camping trip with some friends. We reserved a big RV, started making packing lists, and talked with our friends about how thrilled we were to meet them for a whole week of fun. 

After tons of shopping, packing and prepping, Jason picked up our RV and we were off to Arizona to meet our close friends the Clarks and Barons. After driving a few hours and stopping at a Walmart for an overnight pit-stop, we arrived at the beautiful Fools Hollow Lake campgrounds. Our friends arrived shortly after us and we had the most glorious week of soaking up the sun, riding bikes, relaxing, eating tons and tons of delicious food, and exploring the little town of Show Low, AZ. We enjoyed our week so much and we can't wait to continue the tradition each year with our friends. It was a week filled with so many memories, laughter and good times. We 
loved it!! 

Our campground

The sweet girls enjoying one another


Lots and lots of bike rides

Our beautiful hike 

Hanging out in our RV

The awesome pool by the campground

Dinner night out - Eating yummy pizza 


Saying our goodbyes until next time...

We loved camping, we loved being with our friends and we loved every minute of our week. The BEST!! 

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  1. Wow! Looks like you guys had a great time! :) I love camping - what a fun way to spend quality time together as a family, and with friends! And that pool IS amazing!