Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Wonderful Year at Preschool

Laylie had an amazing first year of preschool. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I would hold her hand while we walked across the parking lot into the lovely little school. Every time she was chipper, excited, and so eager to get to her classroom with her teacher, Miss Wendy, and her 9 classmates. She made beautiful art projects each day, learned a lot, made new friends, and became more brave. She loved picking up dried leaves that fell from the trees down to the playground and saving them for me. And most of all, she enjoyed being the special helper - where you bring snacks to share, get to ring the clean up bell, and be the line leader. This 1st preschool year has come to an end, and now we will be going to a new room each morning, with a new teacher and new friends, and learning new things. Being in the 4 year old class will bring so many more joys to our little student, and we are looking forward to watching Laylie continue to blossom and grow. On Thursday Laylie had her promotion day where all the parents watch their preschooler graduate to the next grade and be honored by their teacher. We arrived at her school and she was so thrilled to see us. Miss Wendy talked about Laylie, gave her a big bag of all of her special things she had made over the year, and gave her a flower Lei around her neck. Laylie was happy and beaming with a big smile. We took lots of pictures, kissed her, and told her how proud we are of her. She is our special girl and we can't believe that this fall she will be going into the 4 year old classroom at preschool. We pray next year will be as wonderful as this year was. Laylie - mama, dada and Rael love you and you are a true joy in our lives. Yay, you made it to another year in preschool!

Miss Sandi - who is the director and greets Laylie every morning 

Miss Barbara - who works in the office and watches over Laylie

And....Miss Wendy - her amazingly sweet teacher. Laylie and Miss Wendy had such a special bond...can you see tears in Miss Wendy's eyes? She adored Laylie and she was heartbroken to see her buddy grow up and move on to another class. We will always love Laylie's very 1st teacher. 

Laylie classmates 

Her buddy Samantha

Our preschooler

Excited for promotion time 

Happy Graduation Lovee!!!

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