Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Friday, July 19, 2013

A life as a 1 year old

Rael is becoming more independent now and she is everywhere. She is on the move all the time, and I always have to keep a special watch on her. She loves to explore the house, with unrolling the toilet paper, playing in the toilet water, eating anything her eye sees on the floor that might look like food, and climbing stairs when the gate is left open. And to top it off, here is a story for might gag! 

Rael had a bad rash on her bum so I was giving her lots of probiotics, kefir, and cream, and I also knew that letting her bum get some fresh air helps. After her nap, I stripped her down, rolled up our living room carpet and let her run around freely. She loved it! We headed outside to play for a bit, and she decided to play in their little play house. A few minutes later I hear Laylie scream, "Mom!! Rael pooped in my play house!!" I take a look and find that she is smiling so happily...with brown mushed poop all over her mouth!! I could not believe it!!

Poop on the floor, and she is EATING it!!! Yuck!!! This mama gagged a few times, cleaned up Rael, cleaned the play house, and put a diaper back on that bum. The thing about this girl- she is curious, loves to get into everything, and has a jolly of a time doing it. 

She is now at the 50% mark for height and weight. She is feeding herself with a spoon, she screams for anything and everything she wants - we are still working on how to talk - she loves being with her big sister and follows her around the house, and she can now say "ball" and "book". She is a joy! 

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