Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Friday, July 19, 2013

What's Happening in the White House

We have been enjoying our summer and some extremely fun activities these days....Take a look, read some, and enjoy!

Laylie has been enjoying going to VBS this summer and learning how to be strong for God. She has learned new songs with hand motions, Bible verses, and even how to give money or donate items to those who need it. She loved it and it was a joy to see her so excited to go every morning. The best part was her Auntie Jillian was the leader of her class and she was able to be with her cousins Sam and Leia. The last day, we were able to watch her perform all the songs she learned from the week. It was a joy.

Laylie is at the age where she does the cutest things and says the funniest things. The other morning she put a ball in her shirt and said, "look mama, I am pregnant." I replied, "wow, when is your baby due?" She smiles and says, "only in 3 years." Oh my! I can't ever imagine waiting for a baby for 3 years and being pregnant that long.

Jason and I have always enjoyed upgrading and working on our home together. We are now working on our room and doing our bathroom. We were blessed by some friends who gave us a beautiful new bed-frame, and we rearranged a few things in our room to give it a fresh look. Jason has been working hard on our bathroom and I am so happy how it turned out. I enjoy going to bed each night and waking up every morning in our beautiful suite now. Thanks Jason for making our place look so great!

We framed our big mirrors, added a new medicine cabinet, repainted the drawers, and cleaned our fancy lights. 

We all dressed up as cows and headed to Chick-fil-a for a FREE meal. We had the best time dressing up as cows and eating a yummy chicken lunch with our family, and then dinner too, with friends.

We went to the beautiful wedding of Michelle and Dustin. We had the greatest time witnessing their love and watching their magical day unfold. We have seen Michelle grow up since she was in our Jr. High group at church, and now she is a stunning bride. We are excited to see their life begin together. Laylie felt so special going to the wedding and having a wonderful date with her mama and dad.

Happy Summer and hope you are having a fun one like we are!!! 

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