Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Holton is 2 Months

The Little Man is 8 Weeks: 
Holton is extremely adorable in every way. He is our little man and we can't get enough of his cuddles and tiny little body. He is smiling and making eye contact now which is so much fun. Holton enjoys cooing at musical toys and people he adores. He always gets comments on his perfectly tanned skin and beautiful eyebrows. Our little boy completely melts our hearts, and his warm body against our chests makes the world fade away. Soon our little guy will be moving around, growing big and tall - so when he falls asleep in our arms, we remind ourselves to sit down and soak it up, and let all the others things wait. This is the time to enjoy every moment we have with our baby and we hope we can remember it like yesterday, years from now. Each morning, it is wonderful to dress two cute little girls in pink and then go to the next room over to dress a little baby in blue. 

Fun Facts About Our Little Man:
First outing - a picnic at the park 05/12/15
First sponge bath - 05/13/15
Cord fell off - 05/19/15
First babysitting night - 05/29/15
First real bath - 06/01/15
First smile - 06/02/15
First coo - 06/10/15
Weight -
Birth: 8lbs 13ozs
2 weeks: 9lbs 2ozs 
2 Months: 13lbs 

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