Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sunshine and Summer Days

Summer is in full force here and we are loving it!

We have been swimming in cool refreshing water - Rael took her first swim lessons with Daddy for two weeks and Laylie no longer needs her floaties. Yay, we love the water in summer!  

We have been enjoying playdates with friends, going on walks to the park, and hanging out at home with no worries to be anywhere.

Laylie has been so extremely helpful these past few months. She loves to help put away all the groceries, make us breakfast and lunch, clean the whole kitchen, and every morning without being asked she cleans her room. She is my helper throughout the day to cuddle Holton when I need to get a few things done or play with Rael. She is the greatest big sister with so much love, patience and grace.

 Rael's favorite thing lately is helping dad BBQ in the backyard and play all day long. 

Uncle Tim came over to hang out! We didn't want him to leave so the girls taped him to the chair with painters tape so he will never go. Unfortunately, Uncle Tim did escape and chased the girls around the house with lots of laughter and screams.

We are thrilled summer is just getting started and there is tons more fun to happen! 

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