Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rael is 3!!

Our blue eyed little girl turned the big 3. Our Rael is the most darling little girl and we are in love with her. We adore her blonde hair with lots of tight curls, bright blue eyes, her tiny little freckle above her lip, her dimples, and her chubby little cheeks.

 We adore the way she makes everyone laugh and how she constantly says the cutest things. She is our child that keeps us on our toes and with here, there is never a boring moment. She is sweet, tender, and loving, and also has a cute feisty personality. Rael, you light up our hearts and we are so thankful to God that he has gifted us with such a special little person. We are passionately in love with you and never can get enough of that tiny little body. She welcomes anyone with a "hello" and is very outgoing. Laylie and Rael are the bestest of friends and spend most of their days being together. She is becoming the best big sister to Holton and always runs to his needs. She absolutely loves the TV show Daniel Tiger, and she is constantly playing "Mommy/Daddy's" which is how she refers to her doll house. She is the best snuggler and will wrap her little arms around you neck as tight as she can. 

Rael enjoys snacks and her all time favorite food is Mac and Cheese. This year has been a big one - she is now potty trained fully throughout the day/night, she sleeps in a big girl bed, she sits in a big chair for meals, and she has truly become a big sister. Rael, you light up our hearts and we love you so much. We have enjoyed being with you and watching you grow these past 3 years. We can't wait to watch you become the little lady that God has planned you to be. 

Pampering Rael on her 3rd Birthday was too much fun - We got our nails done, we went out to lunch, and we had a fun time swimming at Auntie Lisa and Uncle Jon's pool for the evening. Yay for being 3! 

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