Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The One We Call "Auntie Kacy"

We had the greatest 4 days that filled our hearts with so much happiness. My dearest friend Kacy came all the way from Colorado to visit me and meet Holton. She paid for her and her daughter Halee's plane tickets, and she left all 4 of her other children to be watched by her husband while she was with me. Kacy completely gave me such a relaxing weekend being in her presence. I've always heard stories or read about how amazing it is to have help from a special person when a new baby comes home - getting help with cooking, cleaning, and holding the baby while you get other things done or take a nap - well, that is exactly what my amazing friend did for me. The night she arrived, she went grocery shopping and made my favorite soup that was her mama's recipe. The next morning, I woke up to fresh baked strawberry muffins, fruit, and scrambled eggs. She constantly helped me in any way that she could find as I learned how to do multiple things at once, like nursing out in public while trying to take the little ones potty. Or trying to carry the food, hold a baby, and find a table with others in tow. It was such a true blessing to be loved on and I am forever thankful. It is something so special to have your best friend be in your home while you chat for long hours. We talked about raising my 3 kids and her 6 kids, about marriage, friends, God, and life. We sat many times in the sun as we drank peach tea, took a long neighborhood walk, watched a movie on my couches with cozy blankets, held a baby, and watched our girls play so nicely together. Kacy and Halee - our time with you was magical and we already miss you so much. Thank you so much for loving on our little family and making memories together. My heart was happy to see you hold my baby boy in your arms and watching our girls play so perfectly together. I don't like good byes and I tear up every time I give you that last hug at the airport because being right by your side every day makes life so much sweeter. I love our friendship more than words can say and I love that my kids will always call you "Auntie".

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